Rose of Versailles's Oscar Tries New Hairstyle, Becomes Raccoon

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Nissin's Donbei instant noodles are collaborating with Riyoko Ikeda's Rose of Versailles manga. The project is one of many to mark both the 45th anniversary of the manga and 50th anniversary of Ikeda's debut this year. The official website for Donbei features the chronicle of the advertising agency planner who worked with the noodle company and Ikeda's office to develop the collaboration over a period of three months.

The Rose of Versailles heroine Oscar is known for her long and curly blond locks. However, the collaboration's staff decided to create an image of Oscar with straight hair to represent Donbei's straight noodles. Ikeda Riyoko Productions approved the image as well as a colored version inspired by Donbei packaging.

Then it seems matters escalated for the planning of the collaboration. After the Donbei representative suggested showcasing the delicious flavor of the noodles' Japanese dashi broth, Oscar (?) underwent another transformation.

Finally, Donbei's website offered an illustration of André and the transformed character in a bath of noodles as a "freebie image."

Nissin already began offering noodles with Oscar and Marie Antoinette packaging on May 1. Nissin's noodles have had many promotions with manga and anime, but Donbei noodles specifically also collaborated with Mobile Suit Gundam to produce commercials featuring the anime's characters in 2007.

In addition to the straight style, Oscar is trying out a new full-body hairstyle by becoming Rascal the Raccoon for a goods collaboration. (Or is Rascal morphing into Oscar?)

The collaboration also marks the manga's 45th anniversary as well as 40th anniversary of the Rascal the Raccoon anime series. Rascal is appearing as Oscar, Marie Antoinette, André, Fersen, and Louis XVI on a line of promotional goods.

The body cream debuted at the Otona Joshi Biyori "character beauty shop" inside Tokyo Station for 1,200 yen (about US$11) on Wednesday, and the solid perfume will go on sale for 950 yen (US$8) on June 24. The "Kisekae x Kisekai" smartphone website will launch on June 26 for a monthly fee of 300 yen (US$3).

Rascal the Raccoon has previously collaborated with anime such as Tiger & Bunny and Madoka Magica.

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