Luffy Tops One Piece's 6th Character Popularity Poll

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The combined 37th/38th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump and Viz Media's English version released on August 7 announced the winners of the sixth One Piece character popularity poll. Surprisingly, no one's best girl took the top spot. It was the Straw Hat crew's undisputed leader Monkey D. Luffy that received the most votes with a total of 11,737. Luffy was #1 in the last poll as this well, but this time received over 2,000 more votes.

In 2nd place is Roronoa Zolo, unseating Law who previously took the #2 spot from him last time. Sanji, true to his name, took #3 followed by Law at #4, and Ace at #5.

The English-language poll matched Japans for the top three, followed by Brook at #4 and Law at #5.

A total of 80,000 votes were cast in the Japanese poll. Did your favorite make the top 20?

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