Hakujuji Bandages Stream Final Gintama Collaboration Video

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Japanese medical supplies manufacturer Hakujuji updated its Gintama collaboration website on Wednesday. The promotional campaign is streaming a new animated short titled "Saishū-banashi" Fukkatsu no 'M'" (Final Story ~Resurrection 'M'~).

In the video, the Yorozuya members discuss the Shinsengumi takeover of the campaign and read a letter from a Hakujuji public relations representative. The characters reveal the true meaning behind the "M" in the "Kizu Shochi mo Yorozuya ni Omakase?! Gintama Campaign Fukkatsu no M" (Leave Your Wound Treatments to Yorozuya?! Gintama Campaign Revival M) collaboration. Taizō "Madao" Hasegawa unveils his revived form Mecha Madao.

The second of three animated collaboration shorts debuted on July 1. The collaboration website teased that "something" might happen on August 9 at 10 a.m. (The numbers eight, nine, and ten can be read "Hakujuji" in Japanese.) The site has since updated with a new banner and diagram of Mecha Madao's form. A new lottery has been added as well. People can follow the official Hakujuji Twitter account and tweet in support of Mecha Madao to enter a lottery to win one of 10 Mecha Madao pillows.

During the campaign, people can also purchase seven different types of Hakujuji bandages and collect the barcodes. Fans can use the barcodes to enter for a chance to win a total of 890 prizes. The prizes are 10 PlayStation 4 systems, 20 Elizabeth sleeping bags, 100 Tosho cards, and 100 mini cushions. People who do not win a prize in the main lottery will have a "double chance" to win one of 660 mayonnaise pouches. The deadline to enter is August 31.

The first Hakujuji promotion with Gintama debuted in 2013, followed by the second in 2015.

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