Gintama Characters Star in Hakujūji Medical Supplies' Ad Campaign

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Fans can win Gintama'-themed medical supplies, suitcases

Japanese medical supplies manufacturer Hakujūji is running a promotional campaign titled "Kaette kita - Kizu Shochi mo Yorozuya ni Omakase?! Gintama Campaign" (We're Back - Leave Your Wound Treatments to Yorozuya?! Gintama Campaign) with characters from the Gintama anime. Hakujuji began streaming the third and last of three videos of Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura discussing the campaign on Monday.

The video begins with Gintoki reading an apology for having led viewers to believe that Shinsuke Takasugi would appear in the program. The three Yorozuya members then read a letter from the head of Hakujūji PR.

The campaign's official website was also altered, with Gintama character Taizō Hasegawa, who has donned clothing similar to Shinsuke Takasugi, supposedly having "hijacked" the site. His face now adorns the entire campaign page, including some pictures in Hakujūji's main site.

The campaign allows fans to win Gintama-themed medical supplies through lottery until August 31, including a suitcase with a design featuring Elizabeth. A separate suitcase with a design featuring Hasegawa is also available. The website is also offering a Gintama plugin for the ARAPPLI app, which will allow users to take pictures using their smartphone with the Gintama characters.

The campaign launched in June. Hakujūji also streamed two previous videos for the promotional campaign in June and July.

Hakujūji previously ran a promotional campaign with Gintama in 2013, though the featured character in that campaign was Taizō Hasegawa.


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