Business Shellfish Cross Over With IDOLiSH 7 Again

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Another business shellfish from the daily "Asa Da yo! Kaishain" (It's Morning! Clamployees) segment on Zip TV appeared online in what looks like a highly-stylized wig. While being an office mollusk is weird enough, this appearance is the second time the animated characters have crossed over with mobile idols.

The character Asari (Manila clam) is dressed as Idolish 7 character Gaku Yaotome, voiced by Wataru Hatano. August 16 is the character's birthday, so the show gave Gaku a little shout out. In the shared image, Asari says "People often say I look like a clam. But I'm an ordinary soba seller! I'm totally not thinking of tricking the section chief and easily going home." Asari uses a pun on the word "assari" (quickly or easily). Soba happens to be Gaku's favorite food, and the text on the banner in the illustration above refers to handmade noodles.

Voice actor Takuya Eguchi took on the strange role of a business mollusk as part of the "Kaishain" (Clamployees) animated characters earlier this year, and the mollusk appeared dressed as Eguchi's Idolish 7 counterpart Nagi Rokuya. The characters also crossed over with Gintama to celebrate "Honey Day" earlier this month.

The Clamployees started appearing on the morning program over a year ago, and the shorts also screened at TOHO CINEMAS.

Idolish 7 is Bandai Namco's fictional male idol group multimedia project. The project will have both a television anime series and a spinoff anime series.

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