Voice Actress Suzuko Mimori, Wrestler Kazuchika Okada Acknowledge Relationship

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Both vow to keep working as before, after site reports on their dates together

Voice actress Suzuko Mimori and professional wrestler Kazuchika Okada posted on Twitter on Saturday to address the report that the two are involved in a romantic relationship. The website Bunshun Online had reported that the two had spent over four hours in each other's homes on the evening of January 9, followed by a date in a car the next day.

Mimori apologized that her fans were shocked by "my private matter." She acknowledged that she is in a serious relationship with talks of a future together. She vowed to keep working as earnestly as she did before, and apologized again to her fans for the shocking news.

Okada had already confirmed the relationship in Bunshun Online's report. On Twitter, he acknowledged a serious relationship with thoughts of sharing a future together, as described in the report. He vowed to continue striving in the professional wrestling world, and thanked his fans for their unwavering support.

Source: NTV 24 via Hachima Kikō

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