IDOLiSH 7 Game Gears Up for Part 4, More Anime Music Videos

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Bandai Namco Entertainment's popular idol mobile game and multimedia franchise is heading into its next act. The game inspired an anime series in January and second season is currently in the works at studio TROYCA.

The game itself is also moving forward with part four, set to launch within the game this winter. The story takes place after the successful 24-hour TV production "Friends Day" and the Trigger idol group achieving victory as a newly-minted indie group. The fourth part will introduce a new idol into the mix.

The IDOLiSH 7 game took part in a one-week countdown before revealing its third anniversary announcements. The final day revealed a teaser illustration of the game's cast with the phrase "LIGHT FUTURE."

Original character designer and manga creator Arina Tanemura also revealed new artwork for the game's third anniversary.

Four new animated music videos are planned as well, one for each of the game's current idol groups; IDOLiSH 7, Trigger, Re:Vale, and ŹOOĻ. This will mark the first animated music video for ŹOOĻ since the group debuted in the game last year.

The game introduced the "MECHANICAL LULLABY" story line starring IDOLiSH 7 member Riku Nanase (Kensho Ono) and Trigger idol group member Ten Kujō (Sōma Saitō) last year. A new idol group, ŹOOĻ, was introduced in the game's third installment, which launched last April. Each music video will be produced by a different animation production company. The staff have previously worked with Kamikaze Douga, BONES, MAPPA, NAZ, and Production I.G to create its animated music videos.

Animate stores throughout Japan will give away festival cards with the purchase of Idolish 7 products as part of the game's third anniversary beginning on September 14 until October 28.

Source: Idolish 7 Official Website via Nijimen

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