IDOLiSH7's Twitter Account Temporarily Suspended for Adorable Reason

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

The IDOLiSH7 franchise's Twitter account was recently suspended under questionable circumstances. Typical suspensions result from violating Twitter's rules, posting inappropriate images, or from copyright concerns. Fans were puzzled about what would cause a family-friendly idol franchise's seemingly benign social media posts to result in a suspension.

In order to avoid confusion, the franchise's official website posted an announcement about the situation on Thursday. Rather than resulting from scandalous content posted on the account, Twitter shut down the account because it thought a three-year-old was running it. The post on the franchise's website explained that the birthday on the account was set to August 20, 2015 because that date marks the release of the original rhythm smartphone game. Because Twitter users must be at least 13 years old, the social media platform's rules resulted in an automatic suspension.

It seems that the account was quickly restored, and a new tweet confirmed the return on Friday. Although past tweets remain on the account, its followers and the accounts it was following were apparently reset. Therefore, fans now have to re-follow the account to stay up to date.

IDOLiSH7 is not the only idol-oriented franchise to face an unusual Twitter suspension this week. The newly announced Gekidan Prince (Theater Company Prince) PC game's account was suspended just two hours after launching on Monday. The true reason for the suspension has not been confirmed, but the game's staff hinted that it may have been due to the "naked" rhinoceros beetle mascot character that appeared in the account's profile picture.

Sources: IDOLiSH7's website and Twitter account via Nijimen

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