Taekwondoer Park Creator's Twitter Suspended After Racist Remark

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Masao Shiro used derogatory Japanese slur; suggested staff should adapt his manga instead

With the news that the [New Life+] Young Again in Another World anime is off the table, one manga creator saw an opening for an adaptation of their own work. Taekwondoer Park original creator Masao Shiro wrote on Twitter on Wednesday that if the anime is cancelled, staff could instead use the remaining budget to adapt his "monumental anti-hate" manga Taekwondoer Park.

His tweet goes on to say that that the civility and good sense of jjokbari are being questioned, adding that the second volume of his "human rights martial arts" manga is on sale. The suggestion seems primarily ironic—the word jjokbari is a derogatory Korean term used towards Japanese people and Shiro's tweet seems more interested in directing an insult towards [New Life +] light novel author MINE and Japanese people.

The tweet did not go over well, as Shiro's Twitter account is currently suspended.

Shiro launched Taekwondoer Park under the original Korean title Taegwondeo Bag. Artist Daisuke Yamato serializes the manga adaptation in publisher Seirindō's Japanism magazine. The gag comedy manga follows South Korean martial artist Park Soon Le, a man who calls himself "Korea's strongest man." He has a strong sense of justice and regularly talks about historical recognition of Korea's achievements and Japan's abuse. The character also subscribes to "Korean Origin Theory" and proclaims Korean racial superiority over the Japanese and that many Japanese cultural touchstones are Korean in origin. The character is known to use the same slur seen in Shiro's tweet towards Japanese characters in the manga.

The manga's publisher Seirindō includes a disclaimer on the official site stating that the views depicted in the manga belong to the author only.

The [New Life+] Young Again in Another World anime was cancelled following MINE's apology regarding tweets from 2013-2015 that include derogatory terms for both China and South Korea. The anime's voice staff resigned from their roles, the anime was formally cancelled, and the light novel was halted by publisher Hobby Japan, who also issued an apology.

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