The BanG Dream! Boys Argonavis Release 1st Music Video

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Bushiroad announced last year that it would add some male idols to its BanG Dream! multimedia franchise. The production company signed voice actors Shūta Morishima, Seiji Maeda, and Daisuke Hyuga as part of the group "Argonavis." The band also added Shōhei Hashimoto and Masahiro Ito to the line-up.

Seiji Maeda is on bass, actor Shōhei Hashimoto is on drums, Masahiro Ito provides the vocals, Shūta Morishima is on keyboard, and Daisuke Hyuga is on guitar.

The group's first single "Goal Line" will debut on February 20 and the guys of Argonavis appeared in a short version of the music video on Wednesday.

The CD will include the "Goal Line" track, and two additional songs, "Ryūsei Ame" (Meteor Shower) and "Ai no Uta." The Blu-ray disc version of the album will include the music video.

Argonavis will appear in their first live concert on May 17 at the Maihama Amphitheater in Maihama, Chiba.

Bushiroad launched the BanG Dream! multimedia project in January 2015, and the company formed the Poppin' Party band for the project in February 2015. The project's other bands include Happy World!, Pastel*Palettes, Afterglow, and Roselia. The band members consist of voice actresses who portray the characters in the story, and they play the same instruments as their characters.

HIDIVE began streaming the first episode of the BanG Dream! 2nd Season anime this month and Sentai Filmworks licensed the anime in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Latin America, and Central America.

The anime's third season will premiere in October 2019.

Source: Argonavis YouTube channel via Nijimen

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