Escape Zenigata, Stop Kaito Kid in Universal Studios Japan's New Ad

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Universal Studios Japan streamed an ad for its new Detective Conan and Lupin III attractions that opened on January 18. In the ad, a theme park visitor goes on a high-speed chase with the Lupin crew, attempts to crack the code to escape with Detective Conan, and thwart Kaitō Kid from making off with the "Blue Sapphire."

The "Detective Conan World" will involve three attractions: an escape room game called "Detective Conan The Escape"; a park-wide mystery called "Detective Conan Mystery Challenge"; and a restaurant called "Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant" that will also give you a mystery to solve as you're dining.

According to the website, the Detective Conan escape room is expected to take 105 minutes. Tickets for it will need to be purchased separately from the regular entry ticket.

The Lupin III attraction is a car chase XR ride. This ride will tell an original story revolving around Lupin's museum heist. There will also be a themed restaurant called "Lupin III Ristorante Amore."

A pass that bundles both the Detective Conan escape room plus the Lupin III XR ride can be purchased in advance from Universal Studios Japan's website. The price will be between 4,426 and 5,352 yen.

The Detective Conan and Lupin III are part of Universal Studios Japan's "Universal Cool Japan" initiative that also includes Godzilla, Evangelion, and Sailor Moon attractions.

Source: Universal Studios Japan

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