The 'Wackey 7' Are the Stinkiest Anthro Characters You'll Ever Meet

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Deodorant brand introduces seven male odors as characters

Deodorant is a staple of of a good hygiene, especially with temperatures amping up into spring and summer. The Japanese men's cosmetic brand Gatsby is introducing a new line of men's deodorants and hopes to make the product memorable with a unique advertising campaign.

You might be thinking, "what exactly did I just watch?" The answer is simple: you saw seven warriors representing different odors. If you don't associate the "spicy" smell of body odor as a blonde guy with a Gatling gun, you're just not on Gatsby's level.

Introducing the seven characters that form the "Wackey 7."


Voiced by Junya Enoki, his catchphrase is "I'll substitute milk with punishment!" He fights with baby machine guns. He's 18 years old and is responsible for the milk-like smell.

San [his name refers to a sour, vinegar smell]

Voiced by Sho Nogami, his catchphrase is, "Can you make a sour smell?" He fights with "Object X." He works tirelessly day and night to perfect the highest concentration of acid-like smell. He recently started a YouTube sub-channel with Spice dedicated to cooking.


Voiced by Takeaki Masuyama, his catchphrase is, "I'm drunk on my spice." He fights with a 23m Gatling gun. He loves cumin and is known to mix smells together like perfume and hair wax. He has plans to move to Tokyo.

Kabi [his name refers to mold]

Voiced by Shōya Chiba, his catchphrase is, "Mold is my friend☆." He fights with the 'Musty Wand.' He likes to collect antique things and smell them.

Mushiniku [his name refers to steam]

Voiced by Tasuku Hatanaka, his catchphrase is, "Jet steam attack!" He fights with a steam basket lid. The steam from his body is caused when he uses his impressive muscles. He thinks his shield is the strongest ever...he's not very smart.

Namagawaki [his name literally means 'half-dried']

Voiced by Atsushi Kousaka, his catchphrase is, "Isn't it beautiful? Hey, now I've gotten wet." He fights with a sword hidden in the handle of a mop. He constantly moisturizes his body. He equates being wet with being sexy.

Tetsu [his name refers to iron]

Voiced by Arthur Lounsbery, his catchphrase is, "Every time you see iron, remember!" His body is his weapon and it always smells of rust. He looks like a robot but inside he is human. Since he bathes everyday, his iron exterior deteriorates quickly.

Taku Yashiro narrates the advertisement.

The eight voice actors joined together to form the unit 8P (Eight Piece) and appear on the "8P channel" program on Rakuten TV. Each actor has an image color. FiFS (Prince of Stride: Alternative) designed all of the project's characters. The video includes a background song by Sayoshi Ōishima.

Source: Gatsby's Wackey 7 site via Nijimen

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