PlayStation 4 Lineup Music Video Animation Allegedly Traces FLCL, Steven Universe, Others (Update)

posted on by Kim Morrissy

Update: Eallin Animation issued an official statement on Wednesday.

Kevin Bao has also removed his work from his social media accounts. (Via Cartoon Brew)

PlayStation Japan posted a music video promoting its lineup of winter 2019 PlayStation 4 games last Thursday. The video features animated segments directed by Canadian artist Kevin Bao. The video has been taken offline as of the time of this writing.

Since the video went public, various animators and other users on Twitter have called attention to segments that appear to have been traced from other animated works, including FLCL and Steven Universe: The Movie.

Russian animator Oleg Kositsyn directly responded to PlayStation Japan's Twitter account with an animated clip that he drew independently for a fake trailer, which also strongly resembles the clip posted by PlayStation Japan.

As of Wednesday, Kevin Bao's information has been removed from the art agency Connection's website. Animators have shared other, earlier animation by Bao and found similarities to pre-existing work.

Thanks to Callum for the tip.

Source: Ian Jones-Quartey

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