Voice Actress Nozomi Kasuga Starts Temporary YouTube Channel For People in Self-Quarantine

posted on by Kim Morrissy
Actress believed to be Kizuna Ai's original voice went freelance on Tuesday

Voice actress Nozomi Kasuga left her agency as of Tuesday, and one of her first projects as a freelancer is to launch a temporary YouTube channel. As she explains in her debut video, she feels that a lot of people are now stuck indoors due to self-quarantining and social distancing measures, and she hopes that through her videos she can help others overcome the stress of the situation.

Kasuga plans to run the channel for 3-6 months and upload 2-3 videos a week. She has not yet decided what she plans to do after that time, but she intends to find out whether she's a good fit for YouTube. She also started the channel because she feels that there are things that she may be able to convey better through video as opposed to her Twitter, Instagram, and Weibo posts. She plans to sing music, stream games, make food videos, and perform livestreams.

On April 4 from 9pm JST, she plans to do a 24-hour livestream where she'll play Animal Crossing.

Nozomi Kasuga voiced Mimi Rin in Granbelm. She is also believed to be the original voice actress of the virtual YouTuber Kizuna Ai, although this role was never confirmed. (None of the identities of Kizuna Ai's voice actresses are public.)

Source: Nozomi Kasuga's Twitter account

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