Streamline titles to be re-released

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MGM reports that they plan to re-release the anime titles dubbed into English by Streamline pictures, that were aquired in last year's buyout of properties of bankrupt Orion Pictures, which previously had the rights to distribute Streamline films. Re-releases include Akira (in pan & scan dubbed for $19.99, letterbox dubbed and letterbox subtitled formats $24.99), 3x3 Eyes perfect Collection (episodes 1-4, $19.99), 3x3 Eyes 5 ($9.99), 3x3 Eyes 6 ($9.99), Barefoot Gen, Babel II Perfect Collection, Fist of the North Star, Lupin III Greatest Capers, and Lupin III: The Mystery of Mamo. Releases, of course, are dubbed-only VHS unless otherwise specified.

A number of Streamline titles have already been released by Image Entertainment, and do not have subtitles. (A few don't even have Japanese soundtracks.) Released ones include Babel II Perfect Collection, Crimson Wolf, Eight Man After Perfect Collection, Fist of the North Star, Lupin III Mystery of Mamo, and Ultraman II.

Other Streamline titles not mentioned are thought to be no longer licensed for distribution in North America, and the rights have reverted back to the Japanese copyright holders. Confirmed titles for this scenario include Silent Möbius, Neo-Tokyo (AKA Manie Manie/Labrynth Tales), and Vampire Hunter D.

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