ADV Announces new aquisitions, further delays Eva DVD

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In an announcement on their web page this week, ADV Films announced several new live action titles in addition to two new anime series to be released on video.

The live action titles announced include Lady Battle Cop (a combination of Scanners and Robocop), The Hypnotist (a gory horror film), Gamera movies 2 and 3, as well as Pulgasari (all of which are monster films). ADV's increased attention to the live action market follows similar forrays by Media Blasters (Tokyo Shock) and Central Park Media (Asian Pulp Cinema). Other forthcoming ADV live action films include Tokyo Blue (2 police action films) and Parasite Eve, which is based on the same book as the Playstation game py Squaresoft.

However, the biggest news was the two anime titles picked up. These include distribution rights to the (somewhat) popular dubbed and syndicated Monster Rancher TV series (focusing on what ADV refers to as their "ever-expanding line of children's programming") and the three-part Chivas OAV series, which was released in Japan last summer and comes from the pen of Satoru Akahori.

Meanwhile, ADV quietly slipped back the shipping date for the first volume of Evangelion on DVD, according to The new date, now at the end of February, is rumored to have been reset after duplication delays.

Separately, the artwork to ADV's hybrid American/Japanese animation project Lady Death has been revealed by The character designs for the project can be seen here.

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