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Sandcastle Films has announced today that due to the mounting interest in their upcoming online Film, “Atlantis Falling”, they will produce an online prelude comic book entitled "Atlantis Falling: Blood in the Water."

When asked why this information would be of any particular interest to Anime and Manga fans the Atlantis Falling Team responded that “[Atlantis Falling] is taking quite a bit of influence from some anime designs (and our comic shows a strong manga foundation)”. Director and co-creator Ken Morse states "I want to experiment with this film and see if we can make 3D anime, even if we have to exaggerate certain characteristics to do so."

"Atlantis Falling" is a digitally animated underwater adventure currently in production for free release onto the internet. The 20-30 minute film is expected to be the first in an "epic series". The project has an exclusive sneak-peak website now available for viewing at:

The "Atlantis Falling: Blood in the Water" prelude, which will run over 40 web pages in length, will elaborate on the mythology being created for the film as well as chronicle the events which precede Atlantis Falling, leading up to the birth of the film's heroine, Qayla.

Many of the characters from the film will be seen as their 'younger selves' in the comic. "It's essentially the beginning of the entire war and the prophecy fulfillment that has been building for ages," writer and co-creator Curtis Davis reveals. "Atlantis at this point is still a much brighter, happier place. There is peace and harmony and utopia, and then at last the shiny surface of it all starts to chip away. And then it's like someone wedges a crowbar in there, and takes a sledgehammer to it, and cracks it open like an egg. 'Blood in the Water' is a cup of love and hate and honor and life and death runneth over."

Comic book penciller Tu Bui provides art for Blood in the Water. Producer Greg Singer says of Bui's work, "It's visceral, beautiful. He's got this clean, American Manga style that is going to knock people's socks off, and we have high hopes that it will translate exceptionally well into [Flash's] vector arena. He had already done some outstanding anime-influenced conceptual work for us on the film, so when it came time to find the right artist for 'Blood in the Water,' Tu Bui just fit like a glove."

Sketches from the movie and the comic book are available on the Website.

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