No New bebop!

posted on 2001-08-19 13:33 EDT
We're not talking Ninja turtles either. The rumored sequel like so many rumors was a misinterpretation.

Source: Anime on DVD
Source: Saiyanz-Rage
Source: Directly from Otakon Staff

Previously it was speculated due to some comments at Anime on DVDs forums. Some recent visitors to the Otakon convention in Baltimore, MD mistook what Mr. Kawamoto said. Many belived that a new Cowboy Bebop series was in the works. Set in the same universe as the original, but with new characters. This was a misscommunication.

The new series that was being talked about is not a sequel to Cowboy Bebop. The series does however have a number of staff from Cwboy Bebop working on it.

So with many apologies to Mr. Kawamoto, Chris Beveridge closed the thread and said the following:

"Mr. Kawamoto has seen this website and claims this is false information (I did not attend his panel, so I can't say for sure). Perhaps this person misinterpreted what was said, or maybe the translator inaccurately spoke. Either way, I was told to have this thread corrected by Mr. Kawamoto."

I wasn't there either, but I'd think I'd take Mr. Kawamoto's word for it. So as the hearts of many a Cowboy Bebop fan fall to the floor, we can at least be happy that a good deal of the staff are working together on something.

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