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Information about series coming to Japan.

Acccording to Anime News Service Housuke Nojiri´s SF novel series "ROCKET GIRL" will be adapted into a 26-episode series directed by Hiroshi Aoyama ("Anpan-man", "Azuki-chan") with character design by Kyuuma Kinoshita. Pictures of the Pilot can be seen at here

This October Fuji Television Network will debut a anime series based on Sony's robotic Aibo dog. The two new robots in the series, named "Latte" and "Macaron" are designed by well-known graphic artist Moshino Katsura.

Other notable new entries to TV Tokyo October line-up include the Japanese-South Korean co-production "GEISTERS" (German for "ghosts" see here), the soccer drama "Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002" see here, which seems to take over "Angelic Layer"´s Sunday afternoon slot, "BABEL II - BEYOND INFINITY" the sequel to Mitsuteru Yokoyama´s 70s series and Studio Orphee´s ultra cute take on female librarians, "KOKORO TOSHOKAN" (Heart Library) see here.

Due to the unsatisfied fan reactions after the TV series´ unfulfilled conclusion in March, Marvelous Entertainment has now decided to continue the adventures of Gon and friends in form of an OVA series.The first volume (of 8) is set to hit the Japanese stores in December, the second one to be followed in January 2002. Hunter X Hunter was created by Yū Yū Hakusho's (a fight anime series to be released by FUNimation of Dragon Ball Z fan) Yoshiro Togashi. The series takes place in a world where people can only get ahead with the strength of their bodies and minds. A boy named Gon learns that his missing father was a Hunter, a group of elites who collect rare things. To meet his father Gon inbarks on the rigorous series of tests needed to become a Hunter.

An interesting site for information about upcoming Japanese releases, as well as planned and rumored ones can be found at

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