Hunter X Hunter (TV)

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Alternative title:
AL-Kannas (Arabic)
Cazador X (Spanish)
Hunter x Hunter: Caçadores de Tesouros (Portuguese)
Hunter x Hunter: Cazadores de Tesoros (Spanish)
القناص (Arabic)
ハンターxハンター (Japanese)
獵人 (Chinese (Taiwan))
헌터 X 헌터 (Korean)
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: Twelve-year-old Gon Freecss one day discovers that the father he had always been told was dead was alive and well. His Father, Ging, is a Hunter—a member of society's elite with a license to go anywhere or do almost anything. Gon, determined to follow in his father's footsteps, decides to take the Hunter Examination and eventually find his father to prove himself as a Hunter in his own right. But on the way, he learns that there is more to becoming a Hunter than previously thought, and the challenges that he must face are considered the toughest in the world.
User Ratings: 2454 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 780 votes (sub:687, dub:48, raw:5, ?:4, edit.dub:2, others:34
10 Spanish dubbed
9 Spanish subtitled
3 Arabic subtitled
2 Portuguese subtitled
2 Tagalog dubbed
2 German dubbed
2 Arabic dubbed
1 German subtitled
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 Polish subtitled
1 Chinese mandarin dubbed
 Excellent: 750 votes (sub:621, dub:71, raw:8, ?:2, edit.dub:1, others:47
15 Spanish dubbed
6 Spanish subtitled
5 Portuguese subtitled
5 Tagalog dubbed
4 Arabic dubbed
3 Portuguese dubbed
2 Spanish edited dub
2 Indonesian dubbed
2 Arabic subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
1 Russian dubbed
1 French subtitled
 Very good: 476 votes (sub:389, dub:54, raw:3, others:30
10 Spanish dubbed
5 Portuguese subtitled
3 French subtitled
3 Spanish subtitled
3 Portuguese dubbed
2 Italian dubbed
1 Russian subtitled
1 Tagalog dubbed
1 Arabic dubbed
1 Arabic subtitled
 Good: 242 votes (sub:200, dub:23, ?:3, raw:2, others:14
4 Spanish dubbed
2 Portuguese dubbed
2 French subtitled
2 Portuguese subtitled
1 Arabic edited dub
1 Spanish edited dub
1 Tagalog dubbed
1 Polish subtitled
 Decent: 85 votes (sub:67, dub:10, raw:2, ?:1, others:5
1 Italian dubbed
1 Dutch subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Russian subtitled
1 Indonesia dubbed
 So-so: 53 votes (sub:45, dub:3, ?:2, others:3
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Italian dubbed
1 Tagalog dubbed
 Not really good: 19 votes (sub:16, raw:1, dub:1, others:1
1 Spanish dubbed
 Weak: 24 votes (sub:18, dub:2, raw:1, others:3
2 Spanish dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
 Bad: 13 votes (sub:9, dub:2, others:2
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
 Awful: 5 votes (sub:3, others:2
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
 Worst ever: 7 votes (sub:4, dub:3)
Seen in part or in whole by 4676 users, rank: #172 (of 7676)
Median rating: Excellent
Arithmetic mean: 8.560 (Excellent−), std. dev.: 1.5927, rank: #134 (of 7703)
Weighted mean: 8.356 (Very good+), rank: #197 (of 7703) (seen all: 8.62 / seen some: 6.81 / won't finish: 4.92)
Bayesian estimate: 8.351 (Very good+), rank: #125 (of 5824)
Running time: 23 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 62
Episode titles: We have 62
1999-10-16 to 2001-03-31
2003 (Middle East - Spacetoon Broadcast)
2005-07-31 to 2006-03-14 (Animax Latin America)
2006-02-01 (France)
2006-10-23 (Brazil, RedeTV! - TVKids)
2007-01-23 to 2008-01-24 (Italy - Italia 1)
2009-04-27 to 2009-10-25 (USA- FUNimation Channel)
2009-05-18 (Spain, Animax)
Release dates: We have 4
Opening Theme:
#1: "Ohayō" by Keno (eps 1-48)
#2: "Taiyō wa Yoru mo Kagayaku" by Wino (eps 49-62)
Ending Theme:
#1: "Kaze no Uta" (風のうた; "Song of the Wind") by Minako Honda (eps 1-31)
#2: "E-Jan - Do You Feel Like I Feel" by Masato Nagai (eps 32-50)
#3: "Hotaru" by Masato Nagai (eps 51-62)
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Japan's Favorite TV Anime (Oct 12, 2006)
TV Asahi Top 100 Anime (Sep 23, 2005)
Upcoming Anime in Japan (Sep 26, 2001)
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DVD (Region 1)
    Hunter x Hunter - Set 1 (DVD) 2008-12-09
    Hunter X Hunter - Set 2 (DVD) 2009-04-07
    Hunter x Hunter - Set 3 (DVD) 2009-08-11
    Hunter x Hunter - Set 4 (DVD) 2009-12-01

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Series Director: Kazuhiro Furuhashi
Masashi Sogo (14 episodes
eps 6-7, 13, 15, 19, 23, 27, 30, 34, 37, 44, 48-49, 54

Nobuaki Kishima (20 episodes
eps 1-3, 5, 9, 16, 20, 25, 29, 32, 36, 40-42, 46, 51, 53, 57, 61-62

Ryota Yamaguchi (12 episodes
eps 8, 11-12, 18, 22, 26, 33, 38, 45, 55, 58, 60

Yoshiyuki Suga (16 episodes
eps 4, 10, 14, 17, 21, 24, 28, 31, 35, 39, 43, 47, 50, 52, 56, 59

Hiroshi Hara (4 episodes
eps 10, 18, 47, 59

Hiroshi Watanabe (ep 7)
Katsumi Terahigashi (6 episodes
eps 9, 15, 19, 26, 34, 44

Kazuhiro Furuhashi (6 episodes
eps 7, 12, 20, 52, 56, 62

Kiyoko Sayama (ep 1)
Masahiro Hosoda (ep 27)
Satoru Iriyoshi (ep 23)
Satoshi Saga (eps 55, 61)
Soichi Azumi (eps 2, 6)
Takashi Kobayashi (ep 30)
Takayoshi Suzuki (ep 14)
Toshiyuki Kato (8 episodes
eps 1, 17, 40, 42, 46, 50, 56, 60

Tsukasa Sunaga (9 episodes
eps 3, 5, 11, 13, 21, 24, 28, 32, 38

Yukihiro Matsushita (22 episodes
eps 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 22, 25, 29, 33, 35-36, 39-45 odd, 48-49, 51, 53-54, 57-58

Yutaka Kagawa (eps 31, 37)
Episode Director:
Housei Suzuki (9 episodes
eps 5, 9, 13, 19, 24, 28, 34, 40, 46

Kazuhiro Furuhashi (ep 62)
Keitaro Motonaga (eps 16, 23)
Masahiro Hosoda (8 episodes
eps 6, 12, 21, 27, 33, 39, 43, 49

Satoshi Saga (eps 55, 61)
Shinobu Tagashira (ep 62)
Shinpei Miyashita (ep 2)
Shinya Hanai (9 episodes
eps 4, 10, 18, 25, 31, 37, 47, 53, 59

Shunji Yoshida (12 eps; 12 episodes
eps 3, 7, 11, 15, 20, 22, 26, 32, 38, 44, 52, 56

Takayoshi Suzuki (ep 14)
Toshiyuki Kato (4 episodes
eps 1, 17, 50, 60

Yoshimi Tsuda (7 episodes
eps 8, 29, 35, 41, 45, 51, 57

Yukihiro Matsushita (6 episodes
eps 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 58

Original Manga: Yoshihiro Togashi
Character Design: Takayuki Goto
Art Director: Nobuto Sakamoto
Animation Director:
Akira Matsushima (11 episodes
eps 11, 15, 20, 26, 32, 38, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60

Kenichi Imaizumi (eps 4, 10)
Koichi Hatsumi (ep 12)
Masaaki Kannan (eps 1, 5, 9, 13)
Masahide Yanagisawa (ep 7)
Masahiro Kase (eps 2, 6, 16)
Satoru Iriyoshi (ep 6)
Shinobu Tagashira (11 episodes
eps 11, 17, 22, 28, 34, 40, 46, 50, 54, 58, 62

Takayuki Goto (5 episodes
eps 23, 29, 41, 45, 61

Tateru Namikaze (ep 3)
Tomoaki Sakiyama (ep 8)
Tomoki Mizuno (ep 14)
Mechanical design: Yasuhiro Moriki
Sound Director: Takuya Hiramitsu
Director of Photography:
Hidetoshi Watanabe
Seiichi Morishita
Executive producer: Kōichi Motohashi
Assistant Director: Toshiyuki Kato
Color design: Mari Miyashita
In-Between Animation: Masayoshi Tanaka
In-Between Check: Masayoshi Tanaka (ep 47)
Key Animation:
Akemi Yoshida (Jec.E; eps 11, 15, 20)
Akihide Saitō (Studio Takuranke; ep 9)
Akiko Mori (ep 21)
Akiko Nagashima (Production i.G; eps 23, 29)
Akiko Tanada (5 episodes
eps 2, 6, 16, 23, 29

Akira Matsushima (OP 2; Jec.E; 6 episodes
eps 15, 20, 32, 38, 53, 56

Akira Nakamura (Synergy Japan; 5 episodes
eps 6, 12, 21, 23, 29

Atsushi Shibata (Anime R; eps 8, 16, 27)
Ayumi Kurashima (Daizo Productions; ep 14)
Daisuke Takemoto (Anime R; 4 episodes
eps 2, 8, 16, 27

Daisuke Yamauchi (AIC; ep 7)
Eiji Komatsu (Studio Takuranke; ep 9)
Emi Sakamoto (7 episodes
eps 3, 5, 9, 13, 19, 24, 30

Eri Sano (Anime R; ep 27)
Fumihiro Kato (ep 21)
Fumiko Ueda (Anime R; eps 2, 27)
Fumino Fujii (5 episodes
eps 9, 13, 19, 24, 30

Hideo Kawaguchi (eps 4, 10)
Hiromi Oikawa (6 episodes
eps 3, 5, 9, 13, 24, 30

Hiromi Okazaki (AIC; ep 7)
Hisao Muramatsu (ep 8)
Hitoshi Suzuki (ep 1)
Izumi Shimura (Anime R; ep 27)
Jun Shibata (Daizo Productions; eps 14, 16)
Junko Watanabe (Jec.E; eps 15, 20)
Kan Ogawa (eps 39, 43)
Kazufumi Takano (ep 2)
Kazuhiko Abe (eps 19, 24, 30)
Kazuko Maejima (eps 4, 18)
Kazushi Mori (Jec.E; ep 11)
Kazuyo Nakamura (eps 10, 18, 25)
Kei Oikawa (AIC; ep 7)
Kei Tsuchiya (Jec.E; eps 15, 20)
Kenichiro Ogata (Jec.E; eps 15, 20)
Kiyomi Masuda (ep 25)
Koichi Hatsumi (Synergy Japan; eps 12, 21)
Koichi Nakaya (Studio Mu; eps 17, 22, 28)
Koji Taniguchi (Angle; ep 17)
Kotomi Maeda (ep 2)
Kumiko Yamamoto (Anime R; ep 27)
Kyoji Asano (Production i.G; eps 23, 29)
Kyoko Sugiyama (ep 18)
Manabu Yasumoto (Angle; ep 17)
Mariko Aoki (ep 21)
Masaharu Morinaka (eps 4, 6, 27)
Masahiko Nakata (eps 2, 8)
Masakatsu Sasaki (ep 20)
Masashi Wakayama (AIC; ep 7)
Mayumi Oda (Studio Mu; 7 episodes
eps 3, 7, 11, 13, 17, 22, 28

Mayumi Yamamoto (eps 6, 28)
Mieko Mitsuhashi (eps 6, 27)
Mieko Ogata (ep 4)
Mizue Ogawa (eps 16, 23, 27)
Moriyasu Taniguchi (Anime R; ep 27)
Nagisa Nakajima (Synergy Japan; ep 12)
Naoto Hosoda (AIC; ep 7)
Norio Matsumoto (4 episodes
eps 11, 17, 22, 28

Ryo Komori (eps 3, 5)
Sadatoshi Matsuzaka (Anime R; ep 27)
Sakiko Yoshida (Synergy Japan; eps 12, 21)
Sanae Narasaki (ep 3)
Satoshi Takahashi (AIC; ep 7)
Shigemi Aoyagi (eps 17, 22)
Shigenobu Nagasaki (ep 8)
Shin Komatsu (Daizo Productions; eps 14, 16)
Shinichi Toda (ep 10)
Shinobu Tagashira (eps 3, 7, 13)
Sumiko Matsumoto (4 episodes
eps 5, 9, 13, 17

Taiichi Nakaguma (Daizo Productions; ep 14)
Takao Kosone (eps 6, 21)
Takao Ozone (Synergy Japan; eps 12, 23, 29)
Takashi Iwao (Synergy Japan; 5 episodes
eps 6, 12, 21, 23, 27

Takayuki Goto (ep 20)
Takeshi Oosaka (eps 18, 25)
Takuji Abe (7 episodes
eps 1, 3, 7, 11, 17, 22, 28

Takumi Koyama (ep 2)
Takuya Nonaka (AIC; ep 7)
Tatsuya Ichikawa (Anime R; ep 27)
Tomoaki Kado (ep 1)
Tomoaki Sakiyama (eps 16, 23)
Tomohisa Miyaji (Daizo Productions; eps 14, 16)
Tomomi Ishikawa (Production i.G; eps 23, 29)
Tomomi Shimazaki (eps 17, 21-22)
Tooru Ookubo (Production i.G; eps 23, 29)
Yasutaka Kubota (Production i.G; eps 23, 29)
Yasuyuki Tada (ep 29)
Yoshiko Nakajima (Anime R; 4 episodes
eps 2, 8, 16, 27

Yoshitaka Katō (ep 8)
Yoshitaka Sato (7 episodes
eps 1, 3, 9, 13, 19, 24, 30

Yuichi Nakazawa (Anime R; eps 8, 16, 27)
Yuki Kimura (Synergy Japan; eps 12, 21)
Yuki Oomori (Synergy Japan; eps 12, 21)
Yukiko Okada (eps 4, 18, 25)
Yumiko Kinoshita (Anime R; 4 episodes
eps 2, 8, 16, 27

Negative Editing: Hidetoshi Kadono
Hitoshi Sato (Studio Twinkle)
Ken Yabuki (T Nishimura)
Koji Sawada (Studio Twinkle)
Masaki Kubomura (T Nishimura)
Masayuki Iwata (Studio Twinkle)
Takashi Aoki (Studio Twinkle)
Yohei Konishi (Studio Twinkle)
Yoshimi Suzuki (T Nishimura)
Yuichi Katsumata (T Nishimura)
Yoshiro Kataoka (ASATSU; eps 1-2)
Yutaka Sugiyama (ASATSU; eps 3-62)
Production Desk:
Hidenobu Watanabe (8 episodes
eps 4, 10, 18, 25, 31, 37, 47, 53

Kouji Ishii (32 episodes
eps 1-19 odd, 20-62 even

Masahiko Miyoshi (30 episodes
eps 2-18 even, 21-61 odd

Shigetaka Ikeda (ep 59)
Production manager: Junzō Nakajima
Sound Adjustment: Kohei Oishi
Sound Effects: Akihiko Matsuda
Theme Song Arrangement:
Keno (OP1)
Masato Nagai (ED2 & ED3)
Toshihiko Sahashi (ED1)
Wino (OP2)
Theme Song Composition:
Hiro (OP1)
Jun Yoshimura (OP2)
Masato Nagai (ED2 & ED3)
Toshihiko Sahashi (ED1)
Theme Song Lyrics:
Hiro (OP1)
Hiroshi Yamada (OP1)
Keiko Ueno (ED1)
Masato Nagai (ED2 & ED3)
Theme Song Performance:
Keno (1st OP)
Masato Nagai (2nd & 3rd ED)
Minako Honda (1st ED)
Wino (2nd OP)
Titles: Akira Michikawa
Junko Takeuchi as Gon Freecss

Hiroki Takahashi as Hisoka
Hozumi Gōda as LeoRio 
Kanako Mitsuhashi as Killua Zaoldyeck
Yuki Kaida as Kurapica 

Akari Hibino as
Akifumi Endô as Sedokan (ep 14)
Akiko Kikuchi as
Akiko Kimura as Mito
Akio Takahashi as Porcupine (ep 53)
Atsuko Bungo as Shizuku
Bunmei Tobayama as Netero
Daisuke Ishikawa as Nicole
Eiji Takemoto as
Etsuko Tokunaga as Kiriko's Daughter
Fumiko Miyashita as Jou Madoguchi
Hidenobu Kiuchi as
Mafia A
Majitani (eps 14-15)
Hiroki Takahashi as Hinka
Hiroki Touchi as Gin (ep 47)
Hiroomi Sugino as
Bendotto (eps 13-16)
Hisashi Izumi as Zenji
Hitoshi Bifu as
Worm (ep 53)
Hozumi Gōda as Otoko
Jin Yamanoi as Zepairu (ep 57)
Jun Suzuki as Owl
Kaori Iida as Siper
Katashi Ishizuka as Milki Zaoldyeck
Kazuhiko Nishimatsu as
Light Nostrade
Kazuki Yao as Kurapika's Master
Keiichiro Hori as Leech (ep 53)
Keiji Takahashi as Buhara
Keiko Mizutani as
Gon's Grandmother
Kenji Nakano as Imori
Kenji Tachibana as Genner
Kohei Kowada as
Kōji Ishii as Silva Zaoldyeck
Masaaki Ishikawa as
Shachmono Tocino
Masami Kikuchi as Wing
Mina Shimizu as Eliza
Nobuko Kotani as Leluto (eps 15-16)
Norihisa Mori as
Noriko Namiki as
Reiko Fujita as Reporter
Reiko Kiuchi as Kanaria
Rena Yukie as
Kikyo Zaoldyeck
Quizzing Lady (ep 4)
Ryo Naitou as Rabid Dog (ep 53)
Shingo Tanabe as Agon
Shiori Ohta as Baise
Shizuka Okohira as Mediation Office Girl
Shoichiro Akaboshi as Zeburo
Tadashi Miyazawa as Zeno Zaoldyeck
Takashi Matsuyama as
Heavens Arena Referee
Mafia B
Takeshi Maeda as Togari
Takuya Hiramitsu as Seaquant
TARAKO as Senritsu
Tsuyoshi Koyama as
Jones (eps 14, 16)
Mizuken (ep 56)
Ten Dons Member
Umi Tenjin as
Urara Takano as
Gin (Child)
Irumi Zaoldyeck
Yasuhiro Takato as Sharunaaku
Yoshiaki Matsumoto as
Mashu (ep 4)
Yoshihiko Akaida as
Rilbert (ep 39)
Yoshihiro Togashi as Examinee #86 (ep 13)
Yoshikazu Nagano as
Kiriko's Son
Kuroro Lucifer
Sadaso (eps 39, 43)
Yoshiko Iseki as Pakunoda
Yoshinobu Kaneko as Franklin
Yuki Kaida as
Heavens Arena 200th Floor Employee
Yukiko Tamaki as Pockle
Yuko Maekawa as
Karuto Zaoldyeck
Yuuji Kishi as
Kaito (ep 1)
Kastro (eps 40-41)
Pietoro (ep 7)
Japanese companies
Animation Direction: JEC-E (ep 15)
Animation Production Assistance: Studio DEEN
Backgrounds: Team's Art
Animax (Japan)
Fuji Television Network
Film Developing: Imagica
Key Animation:
AIC (ep 7)
Angle (ep 17)
Anime R (ep 27)
Daizo Productions (ep 14)
JEC-E (4 episodes
eps 11, 15, 20, 44

Mouse (ep 8)
Production I.G (eps 23, 29)
Studio Mu (9 episodes
eps 3, 7, 11, 13, 17, 22, 28, 44, 50

Studio Takuranke (ep 9)
Studio Victory (ep 8)
Synergy Japan (ep 12)
Recording Studio: Tact Studios
Sound Effects: Fizz Sound Creation
Sound Production: Onkyo Eizo System Co., Ltd.
English cast
English staff
Executive producer:
Akira Fujita
Hidemi Fukuhara
Producer: Diana Gage

Associate producer: Sheila Gunn
Casting Coordination: Alexis Baran (eps 46-62)
Dialogue Editing:
Aaron MacDonald (eps 2-5)
Dean Morin (eps 11-15)
Gabriella Cheung (eps 2-15)
Marc Matsumoto (eps 6-15)
Masako Uchiura
Packaging Design: Fawn Lau
Production Assistant:
Meg Harata
Patrick Dugan
Production Associate: Robert Ramirez
Production manager: Kevy Arensberg
Production Supervision:
Alvin Lu
Miho Suzuki
William Germain
Re-Recording Mixing: Derek Simpson
Recording engineer:
Brad Belden
Geof Eastland
Script Adaptation: Angelo Eidse
Video Post-Production:
Sean McConkey
Shannon Lum
Voice Direction: Keith A. Goddard
Annika Odegard as Killua Zoldyck
Cheryl McMaster as Kurapika
Elinor Holt as Gon Freecss
Jonathan Love as Leorio

Brendan Hunter as Hisoka
Glenn Howard as Silva

Abby Charchun as
Enigma 4
Mito Freecss
Adam Hunter as
Patron 2
Angie Beers as Kalluto Zolydyck
Ben Jeffrey as Ging Freecss,#118: Sommy; #105: Kyu
Carol-Anne Day as Menchi
Gerald Matthews as Tonpa
Gerreta Jim Sarantis as #384: Gerreta
James D. Hopkins as Gotoh
Jim Sarantis as Light Nostrade
Jonathan Love as
Mafia Security Member 2
Voice 2
Voice 7
Zeno Zoldyck
Jordan Schartner as Milluki 'Mill' Zoldyck
Justin Sproule as
Cowpoke 1
Lowlife 2
Patron 1
Ship Passenger 1
Lucas Gilbertson as #294: Hanzo
Michelle Armeneau as Examiner
Michelle Warkentin as
Gon's Grandmother
Mike Shepherd as Satotz
Paul Hudson as Chairman Netero
Randy Brososky as
Applicant #220
Applicant 2
Imposter Hunter
Long-Haired Lippo Subordinate
Passenger 3
Ship Passenger 2
Roger Rhodes as Lippo
Steve Olson as
Applicant 3
Cop 1
Passenger 2
Ship Captain
TV Host
Victor Atelevich as
Capo 1
Illumi Zolydick
Mafia Security Member 4
Will Wood as Nicholas, Imori, and various

Jonathan Love (Additional Voices)
Steve Olson (Additional Voices)
Victor Atelevich (Additional Voices)
English companies
ADR Production: The Ocean Group
DVD Distribution: Warner Bros.
Licensed by: Viz Media
Recording Studio: Blue Water Studios
Korean staff
Korean cast
Jeong-Min Bae as Gon Freecss
Ji Miae as Killua Zoldyck
Myeong-Hwa Cha as Kurapica
Won-Hyeong Choi as LeoRio

Seong-Ho Jang as Hisoka

Eun-Suk Jang as Korutopi
Gi Gyeongok as Senritsu
Gwon Yeongho as Uvogin
Han Choi as Hanzo
Hong Soyeong as Menchi
Hun Wi as Phinx
Im Chaeheon as Franklin
Jeong Soyeong as Neon Nostrade
Jeong-Ho Kim as Netero
Ji-Hwan Choi as Silva Zoldyck
Ju-Hui Lee as Shizuku
Lee Sanghun as Shalnark
Mi-Na Yun as Feitan
Min No as Tonpa
O Juyeon as Machi
Park Yeonghwa as Zeno Zoldyck
Pil-Jin Kim as Pokkle
Sang-Heon Lee as Nobunaga Hazama
Sang-Hyeon Eom as Milluki 'Mill' Zoldyck
Seok-Jeong Yang as Wing
Seon Lee as Illumi Zoldyck
Song Junseok as Kuroro Lucifer
Soyeon as Pakunoda
Yeong-Jae Pyo as Kaito
Yeong-Mi Jo as Mito Freecss
Yun Seonghye as Zushi
Korean companies
French staff
French cast
ADR Director: Philippe Roullier
Nathalie Bienaime as Gon Freeces

Adrien Solis as Kilua Zaoldyeck
Antoine Tome as Hisoka
Frederic Popovic as Kurapika
Tony Joudrier as Leorio

Alain Floret as Nostrad
Alexandre Aubry as Sharnal
Anne Gennatas as
Benjamin Pascal as Haveo
Benoit Du Pac as Kastro
Bérangère Jean as Shizuku
Bernard Fructus as Wanpen
Brigitte Guedj as
Bruno Magne as Bendot
Christine Paris as
Claudine Grémy as Zushi
Cyrille Monge as
Damien Da Silva as
Eric Chevallier as
Eric Peter as Cicatrice
Fabien Briche as Darzone
Francoise Escobar as
Gerard Sergue as Umuzi
Gilbert Levy as Zebro
Jérome Keen as
Martial Leminoux as Franklin
Mathieu Rivolier as Silva
Nicolas Sempé as Sikuanto
Olivia Dutron as Présentatrice
Olivier Korol as Nosunaga
Pascale Chemin as Machi
Patrick Pellegrin as Sukuwara
Philippe Bozo as Riffo
Philippe Roullier as
Sabrina Leurquin as Anita
Sybille Tureau as Kara
Taric Mehani as Todo
Thierry Bourdon as Wing
Vincent De Bouard as
Vincent Violette as Amuzi
Yann Pichon as Tocinno
French companies
AB 1 (from 28 February 2007)
NT1 (from 9 September 2006)
Dubbing: Studio Chinkel
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Dubbing Director: Orlando Arenas
Translation: Bárbara Pesquer (Spain dub)
Executive producer:
Hugo Rose
Jorge Gabarró Frau (Selecta Visión)

Screen Inserts: Tasio Alonso (Spain dub)
Subtitling: Montse Meneses (Spain dub)
Bernardo Duque as Kurapica
Carlos Lladó as
Gon Freecss (Spain dub)
Gon Freeks (Spain dub) 
Carmen Calvell as Killua Zaoldyeck (Spain dub)
Jordi Navarro as Kurapika (Spain dub)
Orlando Arenas as Leorio
Tasio Alonso as Leorio (Spain dub)
Vilma Vera as Mito

Antonio Puentes as Tomba
Camilo Rodriguez as Shalnark
Carlos Jiménez as Kuroro
Carlos Villegas as
Jesús López as Hisoka (Spain dub)
Klaudia Kotte as Machi
Marta Rincón as Pakunoda
Sigifredo Vega as Sadotsu

Albert Socias as
Zebro (Spain dub)
Zepile (Spain dub)
Alexander Paez as
Alfonso Grau as
Ariadna Jiménez as
Anita (Spain dub)
Baise (Spain dub)
Kiriko's Daughter (Spain dub)
Machi (Spain dub)
Pokkle (Spain dub)
Senritsu (Spain dub)
Camilo Rodriguez as
Carlos Lladó as Ging Freecss (Spain dub)
Carmen Ambrós as
Illumi Zaoldyeck (Spain dub; ep 22)
Leroute (Spain dub)
Mito (Spain dub)
Zushi (Spain dub)
Carmen Calvell as Mediation Office Girl (Spain dub)
Carmen Rosa Franco as Kanaria
Daniel Albiac as
Dalzorne (Spain dub)
Phinks (Spain dub)
Wing (Spain dub)
Dori Cano as Banner (Spain dub)
Eleazar Osorio as Feitan
Eva Ordeig as
Gon Freecss (Spain dub; child)
Kalluto Zaoldyeck (Spain dub)
Ponzu (Spain dub)
Francesc Rocamora as
Kyu (Spain dub)
Masta (Spain dub; eps 27-28)
Porcupine (Spain dub)
Satotz (Spain dub)
Germán José as Katzo (Spain dub)
J. Ignacio Latorre as
Basho (Spain dub)
Bean (Spain dub)
Examinee #86 (Spain dub)
Hanzo (Spain dub)
Illumi Zaoldyeck (Spain dub)
Kuroro Lucilfer (Spain dub)
Togari (Spain dub)
Tonpa (Spain dub)
Jairo Ordoñez as Wong Leno
Jesús López as
Amori (Spain dub)
Kenmi (Spain dub)
Kiriko's Son (Spain dub)
Maamen (Spain dub)
Nobunaga Hazama (Spain dub)
Sedokan (Spain dub)
Squalla (Spain dub)
Uvogin (Spain dub)
Jorge Solórzano as Silva
José Antonio Cerdan as
Buhara (Spain dub)
Franklin (Spain dub)
Leech (Spain dub)
Lippo (Spain dub)
Mashu (Spain dub)
Milluki Zaoldyeck (Spain dub)
Nicole (Spain dub)
Owl (Spain dub)
Juan José Moscoso as
Genner (Spain dub)
Zeno Zaoldyeck (Spain dub)
Juan Miguel Díez as Todo (Spain dub)
Julia Chalmeta as Gon's Grandmother (Spain dub; ep 1)
Klaudia Kotte as
Lidia Camino as
Cocco (Spain dub)
Fumi (Spain dub)
Kanaria (Spain dub)
Neon Nostrade (Spain dub)
Shizuku (Spain dub)
Manel Català as
Captain (Spain dub)
Ivalenkov (Spain dub)
President Netero (Spain dub)
Zenji (Spain dub)
María Rosa Gil as
Coco Loo (Spain dub)
Eliza (Spain dub)
Feitan (Spain dub)
Gon's Grandmother (Spain dub)
Kikyo Zaoldyeck (Spain dub)
Menchi (Spain dub)
Old Lady Quizzer (Spain dub)
Maria Rosa Guillén as
Khara (Spain dub)
Siper (Spain dub)
Mario Martín as
Geretta (Spain dub)
Imori (Spain dub)
Rui (Spain dub; eps 27, 29)
Sadaso (Spain dub)
Oriol de Balle as
Kastro (Spain dub)
Mizuken (Spain dub; Kurapika's Master)
Rabid Dog (Spain dub)
Shachmono Tocino (Spain dub)
Orlando Arenas as
Oscar Redondo as
Gotoh (Spain dub)
Kite (Spain dub)
Pep Gaya as
Agon (Spain dub)
Bodoro (Spain dub; ep 29)
Gido (Spain dub)
Gozu (Spain dub)
Johness (Spain dub)
Masta (Spain dub; ep 29)
Rui (Spain dub; ep 30)
Worm (Spain dub)
Ramón Rocabayera as
Bendot (Spain dub)
Bodoro (Spain dub; ep 26)
Kiriko (Spain dub)
Pietro (Spain dub)
Riehlvelt (Spain dub)
Silva Zaoldyeck (Spain dub)
Umori (Spain dub)
Raul Forero as
Sergio Mesa as Shalnark (Spain dub)
Sofia Garcia as Pakunoda (Spain dub)
Stella Lugo as
Tasio Alonso as
Buhara (Spain dub; ep 31)
Light Nostrade (Spain dub)
Majitani (Spain dub)
Tirza Pacheco as
Victor Iturrioz as Seaquant (Spain dub)
Wolfang Galindo as
Zoraida Duque as Korutopi
Spanish companies
ADR Studio: Provideo S.A. (Colombia)
8 Madrid TV (Spain)
Animax España
Chilevision (Chile)
ETC...TV (Chile)
Levante TV (Spain)
Magic Kids (Latin America)
Net TV (Spain; 2006-04-18)
Sevilla TV (Spain; 2006-03-08)
Televix (Latin America)
Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (Spain; DVD)
Dubbing: Provideo S.A. 
Dubbing Studio:
Cristal Media (Spain dub)
Provideo S.A. (Colombia)
DVD Distribution: Selecta Visión 
Licensed by:
Selecta Visión (Spain)
Televix (expired)
Translation: Provideo S.A. (Colombia)
TV Distribution: Selecta Visión 
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Cristiana Lionello
Translation: Laura Valentini
Executive producer: Francesco Di Sanzo

Dialogues: Barbara Chies
Dubbing Assistant: Elisabetta Liberti
Mixage: Mauro Di Staso
Mixing: Stefano Morandi
Synchronization: Laura Rubin
Theme Song Composition:
Giorgio Vanni
Max Longhi
Theme Song Performance: Silvio Pozzoli
Leonardo Graziano as Killua Zaoldyeck

Alberto Càneva as Amoli
Alessandro Vanni as Pokkle
Alessia Lionello as Ponzu
Alessio De Filippis as Gon Freecss
Alina Moradei as Madre Di Mitoo
Bruno Conti as Majitani
Carlo Baccarini as Capitano
Christian Iansante as Esaminatore Trick Tower
Cinzia Villari as Kanaria
Claudio Capone as Rippo
Corrado Conforti as Hanzo
Cristiana Lionello as
Daniela Calò as Machi
Davide Marzi as Goto
Davide Perino as Kurapika
Domitilla D'Amico as
Eliana Lupo as Kara
Emiliano Coltorti as Kattsuo
Enzo Avolio as Masuta
Fabrizio Vidale as Promoter
Franca D'amato as Reruto
Francesco Bulckaen as Yellmi Zaoldyeck
Francesco Prando as Jones
Gianluca Tusco as
Ilaria Stagni as Muwnche
Luca Lionello as Mamen
Luigi Ferraro as Kyu
Marco Bassetti as Sadaso
Marina Guadagno as Feitan
Massimiliano Manfredi as
Kuroro Lucifer
Massimo Bitossi as Sikuanto
Michele D'Anca as Imori
Nicola Marcucci as
Oreste Lionello as Satotsu
Oreste Rizzini as Jiner
Paolo Vivio as Kenmi
Pasquale Anselmo as
Presidente Neiteluo (Neiteluo President)
Roberto Chevalier as Hyskoa
Roberto Draghetti as Buhara
Roberto Stocchi as Bendot
Rori Manfredi as Somi
Sandro Acerbo as Ikaito
Sergio Lucchetti as Bodoro
Sergio Di Giulio as Tonpa
Simone Mori as Kiriko
Solvejg D'Assunta as Anziana
Vanna Busoni as Barner
Vittorio Congia as Zeburo
Italian companies
Hiro (from 12 January 2009)
Italia 1 (from 23 January 2007)
Italia 2 (from 5 April 2013)
Italia1 (not before 2007)
Distributor: Shin Vision
Dubbing: CVD
Arabic staff
Arabic cast
Director: Miyadah Awda
Translation: Ali Neesafy

Assistant Director: Mayada Auda
Grammatical Editor: Ramadhan Ayoob
Montage: Samer Abu Hamad
Opening Theme Lyrics: Ahmed Natoof
Opening Theme Production: Ibrahim Sullimanni
Opening Theme Recording: Samir Abo Asli
Production: Samr Aboo Hamd
Production Revisor: Rathwan Hijazee
Sound: Ahmad Farraj
Sound Editing: Ahmed Faraj
Supervision: Maamoon Al-Rifai
Theme Recording: Samer Abu Asali
Theme Song Lyrics: Ahmad Nattoof
Theme Song Performance:
Rasha Rijg
Rasha Rizk
Arabic companies
Broadcaster: Spacetoon
Distributor: Animation International (Mahr Al-Hajj Weiss)
Production: Animation International (Mahr Al-Hajj Weiss)
Dutch staff
Dutch companies
Distributor: Dybex
Dutch cast
Tagalog cast
Tagalog staff
Rowena Raganit as Gon Freecss

Dada Carlos as Killua Zaoldyeck
Francis Ibanez as Hisoka
Lloyd Navera as Kuroro Lucifer
Neil Yu as Leorio

Bon Reyes as
Dada Carlos as
Irumi Zaoldyeck
Francis Ibanez as
Lloyd Navera as
Michiko Azarcon Tiongson as
Neil Yu as Silva Zaoldyeck
Tagalog companies
Internet Streaming: iflix (Philippines)
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Theme Song Performance: Ricardo Cruz (RedeTV!)
Fábio Lucindo as Killua Zaoldyeck
Yuri Chesman as Gon Freecs

Nestor Chiesse as Hisoka
Sérgio Corsetti as Leório
Sérgio Moreno as Kuroro Lucifer
Thiago Longo as Korapaika

Adriana Pissardini as Supar (eps 20, 22)
Affonso Amajones as Togari (ep 15)
Alessandra Araújo as
Kikyo Zaoldyeck
Alexandre Marconato as Nobunaga
Alfredo Rollo as Wing
Angelica Santos as Machi
Carlos Campanile as
Capitão (eps 2-4)
Carlos Falat as
Assistente do Netero
Carlos Silveira as Netero
César Marchetti as
Dado Monteiro as Worm (ep 53)
Diogo Marques as Zushi
Elcio Sodré as Buhara
Fábio Moura as Shachmono Tocino
Fadu Costha as Majitani (eps 14-15)
Fernanda Bullara as Ponzo
Fritz Gianvito as
Gilberto Rocha Júnior as Locução
Gileno Santoro as
Velho (ep 18)
Guilherme Lopes as Satotsu
Hélio Vaccari as Nostrade
Hermes Baroli as
Juiz do Teste de Caçador (eps 27-29)
Monstro do Pântano (eps 7-8)
Owl (ep 53)
Isaura Gomes as Velha Examinadora (ep 3)
Ivo Roberto as
Mestre do Kurapica
Júlia Castro as Milki Zaoldyeck
Jussara Marques as Shizuku
Kate Kelly as Anita
Letícia Quinto as
Lúcia Helena as Korutopi
Luciana Baroli as
Luiz Laffey as
Luiz Antônio Lobue as
Jones, the cutter (ep 16)
Silva Zaoldyeck (1st voice)
Marcelo Campos as Feitan
Marcelo Pissardini as
Silva Zaoldyeck (2nd voice)
Márcia Regina as Basire
Márcio Araújo as Hanzo
Márcio Marconato as
Kastro (eps 40-41)
Leech (ep 53)
Marco Antonio Abreu as
Marco Aurélio Campos as Porcupine (ep 53)
Mauro Castro as
Melissa Garcia as Kanari
Orlando Viggiani as Nicole
Patrícia Scalvi as avó do Gon (2nd voice)
Paulo Celestino as Narasu
Priscila Concépcion as Leluto (eps 15-16)
Raquel Marinho as Kara
Ricardo Sawaya as
Rabid Dog (ep 53)
Sedokan (ep 14)
Rodrigo Andreatto as
Sandra Mara as Machi (eps 51-54)
Sérgio Moreno as Kaito
Sérgio Rufino as
Katzo (eps 2-4)
Sidney Lilla as
Bendotto (eps 13-16)
Zeno Zaodyeck
Sílvio Giraldi as
Tânia Gaidarji as Irumi Zaoldyeck
Tatá Guarnieri as
Juiz do Teste de Caçador (eps 27-29)
Rippo (ep 22)
Tatiane Keplmair as Cocco
Thiago Keplemaier as Zushi 
Walter Cruz as Zeburo
Wellington Lima as
Jimmy Freecs
Wendel Bezerra as
Kenmi (ep 25)
Mattew (ep 4)
Zaira Zordan as
Velha (ep 18)
Vó do Gon (1st voice)

Portuguese companies
Animax Brazil (dubbed version)
Animax Portugal (subtitled)
Distributor: Swen Entretenimentos (RedeTV!)
Dubbing Studio: Álamo
DVD Distribution: Focus Filmes
Licensed by: Televix (expired)
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Chinese (Taiwan) cast

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