Crayon Shin-chan Licensed?

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
A hawaiian broadcast of TV series Crayon Shin-chan has been cancelled pre-maturely, leading to speculation that the series may have been licenced in North America.

Based on a the Manga of the same name by manga-ka Yoshito Usui, Crayon Shin-chan is one of the most popular Anime series to air on TV in recent memory... it's also one of the weirdest.

Crayon Shin-chan's simplistic art style, can be very missleading regarding the show's content; similar in many ways to The Simpsons. Crayon Shin-chan's lead character, a 5-year old boy named Shin-chan, does not speak or act much like a regular child would (he drinks sake and would be considered a "potty-mouth"). Much of what Shin-chan says is in fact quite inapropriate for children, in general he acts very much like adults would like to act if they didn't have teh restriction of being an adult.

This has produced a backlash amongst Japanese parents very similar to the early reactions in America when the Simpsons first aired. To add fuel to the fire, similar to the reaction to Bart Simpson by American children, many Japanese children have emulated Shin-chan's behaviour.

In addition to Japan, Crayon Shin-chan has aired in Hong Kong and Hawaii amongst otehr places. Hawaii is the only place in the US that Crayon Shin-chan has aired.

Each 30 minute episode of Shin-chan features three 10-minute segments. Shin-chan is completely episodic, there is no continuity from one segment or episode to another.

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