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This Week's Anime and Manga Releases

posted on by Scott Green
Anime and manga you can find in stores this week.

This Week's Anime and Manga Releases
Dirty Pair - Flash - Angels at World's End
Hand Maid May - Memory Failure (Vol. 3)
Mezzo Forte
Mezzo Forte : Director's Cut
NieA Under 7 - Sayonara Blues (Vol. 3)
Ping Pong Club Rots in Hell
Robotech - Counterattack (Vol. 9)
Robotech - The Final Solution (Vol. 10)
Robotech - Masters - Legacy Collection 5
Rurouni Kenshin - Innocence & Experience
The Wanderers - El-Hazard TV Series - The Ultimate Weapon (Vol. 2)

Bastard!!! Wizard #1 (Of 2)
Dragon Ball Part 4 #5 (Of 10)
Dragon Ball Z Part 4 #13 (Of 13)
Inu Yasha Vol 10 Tp
Oh My Goddess! Part XI #3 Mystery Child Part 1 (Of 8)
Ranma 1/2 Part 10 #9 (Of 11)

Dark Horse will also be releasing the Masamune Shirow (creator of Ghost in the Shell)2002 Calendar.

Japanese Manga Imported by Diamond Distributors
Ah My Goddess Anime Comic #2
Cat's Eye manga #1
City Hunter manga #8
Detective Boy Conan #31
Escaflowne manga #8
Hunter X Hunter #11
Inu Yasha Anime Comic #3
Inu Yasha manga #18
Inu Yasha manga #19
Inu Yasha manga #20
Love Hina #9
Love Hina Bilingual Ed #4
Love Hina Bilingual Ed #5
Love Hina #9
Love Hina Bilingual Ed #4
Love Hina Bilingual Ed #5

Dark Schneider is the bastard referred to by the title. He is a warrior, sorcerer, letch and loudmouth, who nearly conquered the world with the help of his four generals. Before he can complete his conquest he is sealed away. When his former generals return to menace the world the people who imprisoned Dark Schneider being him back, hoping he will protect them.

Rurouni Kenshin - Innocence & Experience features the former assassins Kenshin's duel with Soujiro the Tenken (Heaven's Sword), a young fighter gifted with natural skill with the sword, and unbeatable speed. It is one of the best sword fights in a series known for its great sword fights.

Mezzo Forte is a tangent to the popular "Kite", also released in the US by Media Blasters. Mezzo Forte seems to promise the same sort of brutal action, over the top violence, and dark, twisted plot as Yasuomi Umetsu's prior work on Kite. Umetu seems to be creating his own genre of what has been described as "adult-oriented girls-with-guns". Kite tells a story marginally similar to "The Professional"(Leon), but darker and more depraved. After the protagonist Sawa's parents were killed she was taken in by an amoral cop who trains her to be an assassin, and they offers her services to kill criminals for a price. Though its action shattered suspension of disbelief, and is often very graphic, it is done in such a stylish manner it's breathtaking.

NieA Under 7 is a comedy from the creators of Serial Experiments Lain about a girl and her alien roommate and the often mundane humor of their existence.

Ping Pong Club Rots in Hell is a raunchy Beavis and Butthead/South Park style comedy about a group of losers in a high school Ping Pong Club.

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