Katsukon 2002 - TRSI Panel

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Mikhail is back from Katsucon with the first report from the convention. TRSI's Jeff Thompson spoke about Kare Kano, KO Beast Century, Dancaizer 3 and a new aquisition.

Katsukon 2002
The Right Stuf International

by Jamie Haven and Mikhail Koulikov

KO Beast Century (7-episode fantasy OVA) and Dancaizer 3, both acquired in 2001, are scheduled for release in the summer, but no further information on formats or features is available

Between 100 and 120 soundtrack CD's will be released under the AnimeTrax label over the next ten months. However, yet again, no information was available on specific titles.

An upcoming set of Boogiepop Phantom will include a soundtrack CD and 5.1 stereo on the English dub

Right Stuf's eagerly-awaited release of Gainax's high school romance drama Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou (His and Her Circumstances) will be completed by the early summer on 5 DVD's (6/5/5/5/5). There is a possibility of a June release of a box set, which if at all possible will include a clear sleeve with cherry blossoms printed on it, although finding a printer has been problemmatic.

Another unidentified full-length TV series has been acquired, but no further comments can be made, although it was noted that the series in question is similar to KKNJ and had received significant fansubber attention. It is rumored that the title is the 51-episode high school romance drama Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers)

Since they are cheaper than boxes in terms of both packaging and shipping, using multipacks is expected to be continued, despite disagreement among fans on whether or not they're actually useful.

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