ComicsOne Aquires Onegai Teacher Manga

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ComicsOne and Bandai Entertainment planning aggresive cross promotion for Anime and Manga.

In a joint press release from Bandai Entertainment and ComicsOne today, the acquisition of the North American rights to the Onegai Teacher (Please! Teacher) Manga by ComicsOne was announced; Bandai Entertainment had already announced their acquisition of the rights to the Onegai Teacher Anime at the San Diego Comic Con and are planning a May 2003 release.

Without giving any details, the press states that the two companies are "planning a very aggressive cross promotion campaign for both the anime and manga series."

Excerpts from Press Release:

ComicsOne, announced today that they will be publishing the comic book based off of the popular Japanese Anime hit Onegai Teacher (Please! Teacher). Volume One of Onegai Teacher is set to hit shelves in January 2003.

Bandai Entertainment has also recently announced plans for the release of the anime series of Onegai Teacher exclusively on DVD home video. With a street date tentatively set for May 2003, Onegai Teacher brings the fanatic popularity of Onegai Teacher experienced in Japan directly to fans in North America. A limited special edition is currently planned with a slew of bonus material to be included.

Onegai Teacher is the story about Kei Kusanagi an 18 year old high school student who dreams of meeting the girl of his dreams. One night he sees a dazzling light fall into a nearby forest. Upon investigation he discovers a strange woman, floating on a lake. Taken off guard he quickly runs back home. The next day he learns that the mysterious woman in the forest is his new homeroom teacher. Now can Kei hide the fact his teacher is an alien at the same time dodge rumors that he and this teacher are having an affair? Find out in the upcoming series Onegai Teacher!

Fans of the series Oh My Goddess, Tenchi Muyo, and Ranma ½ will enjoy this quirky romantic comedy. The same ingredients that made fans love these series will have them coming back for Onegai Teacher.

"Onegai Teacher is precisely the strong manga title ComicsOne has been looking for. The hilarious story, fascinating relationships, and wonderful art is what we think manga is all about. With Bandai's simultaneous release of the Anime, there is no doubt in any of the staff of ComicsOnes' minds that this title is ready to explode into instant American fandom." - ComicsOne Editor, Mark Fujita.

Together, Bandai Entertainment and ComicsOne are planning a very aggressive cross promotion campaign for both the anime and manga series. Further information will be forthcoming.

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