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posted on 2003-06-30 12:28 EDT by Christopher Macdonald
10 pm Thursday

Anime News Network's panel at Anime Expo will be at 10pm Thursday night in LP3. This is the first time that ANN holds a panel at a convention, but the response to our earlier poll suggests there are more than enough people who are interested in attending such a panel. If we're happy with the way the panel goes we will also try to hold them at more conventions in the future, particularly at Otakon later this year.

We're aware that 10pm Thursday night isn't the best time for a panel, and that many people who said they would go may perhaps change their mind. To this effect we've set up a new poll to get an idea of just how many people will be attending the panel. If you'll be there, please let us know via the poll.

We haven't finished deciding all the topics that we'll be discussing at the panel, but their will be at least one announcement regarding upcoming changes to Anime News Network, we'll also be introducing the staff members present, and we'd like to get a chance to meet and put names to faces of as many people as possible. In fact, AX will be the first time some of the ANN staff meet each other.

Oh, and we'll also be giving away a couple DVDs; 50 or so. We have a lot of unreviewed discs, as well as some discs that we've received twice, so we'll be giving all of these out at the panel, along with 4 copies of the Hand Maid May DVD boxed set and ... other things.

The following ANN staff will be present at AX

Allen Divers
Bamboo Dong
Christopher Macdonald
George Phillips
Mikhail Koulikov
Rebecca Bundy
Ryan Mathews
Zac Bertschy

Hopefully we'll all be at the Panel...

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