Mokona (CLAMP) Releases Kimono Book, Opens Kimono-themed Show

posted on 2007-02-09 15:17 EST by Evan Miller
"Okimono no Kimono" released in Japan on February 14th

Mokona, one of the four members of legendary manga group CLAMP, has finished a photo and art book that features her own Kimono designs. The book, entitled Okimono no Kimono (literally, "Kimono Clothing")*, will hit store shelves on February 14th.

To commemorate the sale of the artbook, Mokona will be holding a special art show featuring a series of her kimono-themed drawings and items. The show opens on February 16th at the Logos Gallery in Shibuya and closes on February 28th, and admission is free. On the 25th, Mokona herself will make an appearance and sign artbooks and other mechandise. The first 200 guests that visit the exhibit on February 16th will receive a ticket that will guarantee they have the chance to get something signed by Mokona. The site for the exhibit includes a picture of the artbook cover.

Source: Fashionsite

* - The title "Okimono no Kimono" is a kind of pun that can be translated a number of ways. The word "kimono" is made up of the characters for "clothing" and "thing", and can also refer to clothes in general as well as the traditional Japanese Kimono. "O-kimono" refers to actual Kimonos, while the "kimono" that follows it can refer to clothing and other accessories.

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