Final Bakemonogatari Episode Streams Today (Update 4)

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Region-restricted streaming of episode delayed from middle of June

The Twitter account for the production and distribution of Bakemonogatari episode 15 "Tsubasa Cat - Part 5" — the final episode in the anime — has announced that the episode is slated to be streamed from the official website on Friday. However, the stream of the second to last unaired episode was restricted to viewers with Japanese Internet Protocol (IP) addresses in February. According to the Twitter account's maintainer Yuma Takahashi ("Aniplex Yuma"), all that is left for the last episode is encoding by Bandai Channel, confirmation of the test upload, and streaming.

The anime's sixth and final Blu-ray/DVD volume with this episode was delayed from March 24 to June 9, and again to July 28 "due to production issues." The episode's streaming was also delayed from the middle of June.

[Via Temple Knights]

Update: The master tape has been delivered to Bandai Channel a few hours ago. The same "Encode no Oneesan" who encoded the 14th episode is doing the same for the final episode.

Update 2: Today's streaming will include a live-action opening sequence instead of the final opening sequence, which is slated to be released next week.

Update 3: Encoding is complete, so the only steps left are the embedding on the official website and the video check.

Update 4: The official website began streaming the episode at 11:50 p.m. Japan Time (10:50 a.m. EDT), but the stream is region-restricted to Japan as the second to last episode was.

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