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Kimikiss, Princess Jellyfish, Heaven's Lost Property Forte Streamed

posted on by Jacob Browning

animenetworkThe Anime Network has announced Kimikiss pure rouge will be available on its steaming outlet, as well as the following titles:

crunchyroll Crunchyroll has added the following episodes:

funimation FUNimation has started to show Girls Bravo, Gun x Sword, Heaven's Lost Property Forte, Princess Jellyfish, Sekirei, Tenchi Muyo GXP, Vandread: Integral, and Vandread Turbulence. The following episodes are available online:


viz VIZ has added the following episodes:

Anime News Network has added the following episodes to its streaming outlet:

  • Casshern Sins ep. 1-4 (dub) 1-24 (sub)
  • D.Gray-man ep. 27-51 (dub)
  • Eden of the East ep. 1-2 (dub) 1-11 (sub)
  • Fruits Basket ep. 1-4 (dub), 1-26 (sub)
  • Full Metal Panic! ep. 1-4 (dub) 1-24 (sub)
  • Ga-Rei: Zero ep. 1-12 (sub)
  • Gun x Sword ep. 1-4 (dub)
  • Initial D 1st Stage ep. 1-26 (sub)
  • Initial D 4th Stage ep. 1-4 (dub) 1-24 (sub)
  • My Bride is a Mermaid ep. 1-4 (dub) 1-26 (sub)
  • Oh! Edo Rocket ep. 1-4 (dub)
  • Tenchi Muyo GXP ep. 1-4 (dub)
  • Trigun ep. 1-4 (dub) 1-26 (sub)
  • Vandread: Integral (sub)
  • Vandread Turbulence (sub)
  • The Wallflower ep. 1-4 (dub)

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