DVD/Blu-rays of Broken Blade and Roujin Z Monday

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Complete mecha OAV series and SF-comedy classic film each released in both DVD and Blu-ray editions.

Monday will see the U.K release of two SF anime titles in both DVD and Blu-ray editions. MVM is releasing the complete six-part OAV Broken Blade, a mecha series animated by Production I.G. and Xebec; and Manga Entertainment is releasing the classic OAV satirical comedy Roujin Z, scripted by Katsuhiro Otomo.

Broken Blade was released in Japan in six OAV episodes, averaging a little over 50 minutes each, based on Yunosuke Yoshinaga's alternate-world robot manga. The story portrays a city siege fought by warriors in mecha suits, with former schoolfriends finding themselves on different sides of the fight. Announcing the licence, MVM commented: "Plans are to give [Broken Blade] a go on Blu Ray and if it sells well we might release some of our older, popular titles on Blu Ray."

Broken Blade's chief director is Tetsuro Amino (Macross 7, Shiki) and the director is Nobuyoshi Habara (Negima!, Fafner), with Production I.G and Xebec handling the animation. Masashi Sogo (Bleach, Fairy Tail, Gantz) wrote the screenplay.

Newly released by Kaze through Manga Entertainment, Roujin Z is a 1991 feature-length OAV. The film is a satire about an elderly man at the mercy of his robot bed, which suddenly escapes and causes havoc in Japan. The script was by Katsuhiro Otomo, who also co-created the mechanical design. In addition, Roujin Z had art design by future director Satoshi Kon. The film was released to videotape by Manga Entertainment in 1999, but this edition has been long deleted.

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