Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Not Off the Table in N. America

posted on 2012-12-30 14:07 EST

Capcom Senior Vice President Christian Svensson wrote in the CAPCOM forums that Ace Attorney Investigations 2 is not off the table in North America but there is "still no news to share." He added, "the demand for AAI2 is not something that is unknown to us and thus not something that needs to be demonstrated further."

The reply was in response to a recent survey where consumers could give input on which games fans wanted to see released digitally.

Svensson wrote in the forums previously that the odds for Ace Attorney Investigations 2 receiving a release would increase if sales for the upcoming Ace Attorney 5 were higher than average.

"AAI2 isn't being held hostage so please don't read this that way but if they do well, they certainly can't hurt. Justification for higher forecasts via stronger than expected sales in the franchise would be helpful," Svensson wrote.

The Ace Attorney franchise received a crossover game with Professor Layton in Japan last month. Takashi Miike directed the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney live-action film which opened in Japan on February 11.

[Via Siliconera (link 2)]

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