Osaka Government Drops Crossdressing Ban at Cosplay Event

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Committee of store owners at event building were worried due to past incident

The government office of the Osaka metropolitan area reported on Wednesday that it has removed the ban against males crossplaying as females for the cosplay event that will be held at the Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima Building on November 24.

The event, named "Cosumel in Cosmo Tower," is welcoming visitors from all around the country. The tenants of the Sakishima Building — the store owners who make up the "Cosmo Tower Store Committee" — originally brought up the issue of crossplayers. According to the committee, a male cosplayer dressed as a female a few years ago and entered the men's restroom. He was mistaken as a female, and that led to a scuffle. The committee decided that the "crossdressing of men, or cosplaying as a character who dresses in drag, or dressing in any cosplay that looks like crossdressing is forbidden."

However, in October, the residents of the town spoke up, saying, "There are men who struggle with their gender identity and crossdress, and to block them out of the government building is against the Constitution and civil code, and would also be contradicting the prefecture's ordinance for the promotion of gender equality." After receiving this opinion, the government office suggested that the Shop Committee remove the ban.

The prefectural office management replied to the remove of the ban, saying, "As it is not possible to bar crossdressing men from entering the government building, we agreed to point that out."

The committee also replied, explaining, "It was a rule we implemented so as to not cause disorder, and there were absolutely no thoughts of discrimination."

Source: MSN Sankei via Hachima Kikō

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