Anime Sols Streams Osamu Tezuka's Baggy Anime

posted on 2013-11-22 23:24 EST

Anime Sols added Osamu Tezuka's 24-hour marathon special Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature to its streaming site under the title Baggy on Friday.

The television special premiered in Japan in 1984. Anime Sols describes the film as follows:

Created by Tezuka Osamu as a critique of recombinant DNA research, this movie special tells the story of Ryou and his relationship with Baggy, a genetic cross breed of a woman and a cat. Ryou and Baggy travel all the way to South America to find out the horrible truth behind Baggy's creation... This TV movie special, aired in 1984, was overseen very closely by Tezuka himself, performing the original plan, story line, rendition, character design, animation direction, original pictures, motion pictures and color design all himself.

The three-episode special is part of a crowdfunding set that also includes Bremen 4 and Prime Rose. The crowdfunding goal is set for US$16,000 by December 12. As of Friday, 37 people have donated a total of US$3,120 of that goal. The site began streaming Prime Rose in October.

Anime Sols also began campaigns to fund anime such as the second Black Jack TV set, the classic shōjo series Dear Brother, the magical girl series Magical Idol Pastel Yumi, and Hurricane Polymar. The site is still accepting donations for Black Jack and Hurricane Polymar. The first Dear Brother campaign closed successfully after surpassing its US$13,000 goal. However, Magical Idol Pastel Yumi failed to reach its US$18,000 goal, and Anime Sols closed the campaign.

Thanks to Liz Barillas for the news tip.

Image © Tezuka Productions

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