Anime Sols Streams Hurricane Polymar Superhero TV Anime

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Site aims to crowd-fund DVD box of all 26 episodes with US$29,000 by February 28

Online anime streaming service Anime Sols began streaming the first episode of the late Tatsuo Yoshida and Tatsunoko Production's 1974 Hurricane Polymar anime on Friday. Anime Sols is aiming to collect US$29,000 by February 28 in order to release a DVD box set of all 26 episodes. As of press time, the website has collected US$290.

The anime revolves around Takeshi Yoroi (voiced by Kazuyuki Sogabe), a man who transforms into superhero Hurricane Polymar. The super-powered suit of his superhero identity can transform into one of five vehicles in order to fight crime.

The 1974 television anime inspired the 1996 New Hurricane Polymar video anime project that Urban Vision and most recently, Discotek Media, released in North America.

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