Soul Eater Not Anime's Promo Video Introduces Cast

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Anime of Atsushi Ohkubo's spinoff manga to debut on April 8

Media Factory's official YouTube channel began streaming a promotional video for the Soul Eater Not anime on Friday. The video introduces the three main characters and their voice cast:


Tsugumi Harudori
VA:Haruka Chisuga

A 14 year old, romantic girl who joined the DWMA with the ability to become a Halberd. She calls herself a 14 year old in love with love. She's a bit of a coward, but sometimes shows hot passions.

Meme Tatane
VA: Aoi Yuuki

A gentle and bit of an airheaded girl. She's super forgetful, to extreme degrees. She even tends to forget her own name. She's paired with Tsugumi as her Meister.

Anya Hepburn
VA:Saori Hayami

She joined the DWMA in order to escape the cramped lifestyle of her castle home. She gained interest in Tsugumi as the “King of Commoners” at the new student welcoming party, and spends time together with her and Meme.

Other characters include:

VA:Takahiro Sakurai

A male student at DWMA. He's a Meister in the same year as Tsugumi and the others, and associates with Clay. Though he's a part of NOT, he possess strong combat skills.

A male student at DWMA. He's a weapon in the shape of a longsword. He hangs out with Akane, and often blames Akane as his reason for being late.

Eternal Feather
VA:Mikako Komatsu

A kind senior in the girls' dorm who will teach others anything. Though her name is embarrassing to say, it used to be her stage name in the past

Kana Altair
VA:Kotori Koiwai

A senior in the girls' dorm who's good at tarot readings. Though she normally speaks little, when she gives a card reading, she explains it with great detail.

The anime of Atsushi Ohkubo's Soul Eater spinoff manga is the second collaboration between publisher Square Enix and anime studio BONES. Both had collaborated on the original Soul Eater anime in 2008-09.

The Soul Eater Not anime will premiere on April 8 and will air every Tuesday on TV Tokyo and TV Osaka.

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