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Monthly Comic Gene Will Launch Online Comic Site With Pixiv in October

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
'Gene pixiv' site will feature spinoffs, new works by Comic Gene artists, pixiv authors

Kadokawa's Monthly Comic Gene magazine and the art website pixiv will launch the online comic website "Gene pixiv" on October 27. The website will feature series by popular authors on pixiv and manga spinoffs of current series running in Monthly Comic Gene. The website's line-up includes:

  • Kainushi Jūjin to Petto Joshikōsei (The Beastman Owner and the Pet School Girl) by Tsuzura Yakan
  • T-Rex na Kanojo (The T-REX Woman) by Sanza
  • Naka no Hito Genome [Jikkyōchū] (Within Their Genome [On the Scene]) by Osora (pictured at right)
  • Rengoku no Trisagion: Artisans of the Traitors' Gate (Trisagion's Purgatory: Artisans of the Traitors' Gate) by Shiki Mizuchi (original work) and Bancha Shibano
  • Gakuseigumi ― Akuma wa Tonari no Seki― (Students ―The Devil in the Next Seat―) by Re:
  • Ashon de yo by Rakuda
  • Meminisse by Makoto Shiozuka
  • Gekka no Hazure Gedō (The Demon on the Outskirts of the Moonlight) by Sayuki
  • Tokiwa-san to Inoue-kun no Bōshin (Tokiwa and Inoue's Blind Acceptance) by Waka Kakitsubata

All the series will start on October 27 with the exception of Meminisse, Gekka no Hazure Gedō, and Tokiwa-san to Inoue-kun no Bōshin. Meminisse and Gekka no Hazure Gedō will start on November 27 and Tokiwa-san to Inoue-kun no Bōshin will start on December 27.

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