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2nd Q Transformers Episode Has Optimus Discussing 'Crappy Games'

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Lockdown talk about games that stink

The official YouTube channel for DLE Inc. began streaming the second episode of the Q Transformers: Kaettekita Convoy no Nazo (Q Transformers: The Mystery of the Convoy Returns) anime on Tuesday. The episode is titled "Kakujitsu na Kusogee no Nazo" (The Mystery of a Game That Certainly Stinks). (Kusogee or kuso-game literally means "crappy games.")

The episode begins when Optimus Prime (Yoshimasa Hosoya) is playing The Transformers: Mystery of Convoy smartphone game, and he comments how he always loses by falling in a hole. Lockdown (Tatsuhisa Suzuki) demands an answer as to why they have to clear the extremely difficult game. Optiumus Prime and Bumblebee (Ryōhei Kimura) answer him: the owners of the franchise wanted to do something else for the franchise's 30th anniversary besides the Q Transformers, so they decided to release a smartphone game based off of the 1986 Famicom (Nintendo Entertainment System) game The Transformers: Mystery of Convoy.

When asked further why the game was chosen, Bumblebee quips that because it is famous as being a game that stinks. Optimus Prime says that instead of calling it a game that stinks, people should call it an "impossible game" due to its difficulty.

In an improvised, unscripted dialogue segment, Optimus Prime explains that he thinks that games without difficulty settings stink, giving the example of Dai Makai Mura (known in the west as Ghouls'n Ghosts) which he played on the PC. Bumblebee says that playing RPGs after you already cleared them stink, since all your levels are high and your equipment is top-notch. After all, the town is already peaceful, the last boss is dead, and there is nothing to do. Lockdown comments that they have been talking about the contents of the game, but suggests that a cartridge that actually stinks like a toilet or natto (fermented soy beans) would be a true "game that stinks."

The TV anime is inspired by the 1986 Famicom (Nintendo Entertainment System) game The Transformers: Mystery of Convoy. The Famicom game also inspired a smartphone app last year.

Additional cast members include:

Fukujurō Katayama as Bluestreak
Gō Inoue as Prowl
Jun Fukushima as WheelJack
Kōki Uchiyama as Smokescreen
Yūichi Nakamura as Rumble & Sunstreaker

Kōtarō Ishidate (Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono, gdgd Fairies) is directing the anime at DLE Inc., and is also providing the scripts. 6 Jigen Animation is providing the animation for the opening sequence. OLDCODEX performs the opening theme, "physical."

The remainder of the staff includes:

Music: Hajime and Jiro (from LiLi)
Animation Director: Mame Suzuki
Background Art: Sanae Fujioka
Organization Cooperation: Kuniosa Hirama
Recording Adjustment: Soichi Tsunekawa
Scripts: Kōtarō Ishidate
Sound Effects: Yoshiaki Tokunaga

The series premiered on Tokyo MX on January 6.

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