Roundup of News of Events, Places Affected by COVID-19 for May 15-31

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Gamescom digital event takes place from August 27-30

Below are mentions of anime, manga, and game events (physical and digital) and places in Japan and elsewhere that have been canceled, postponed, or have reopened in the last two weeks.

Events in Japan Canceled

The official website for the Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story television anime announced on May 15 that the Kamiha☆Matsuri event for the anime has been canceled due to the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) situation. The event was originally scheduled to take place on June 7.

The organizers of the summer Koshien baseball tournament announced on May 20 that the event for this year, the 102nd National High School Baseball Championship Series, is canceled.

The official website for THE [email protected] franchise announced on May 22 that the fifth concert for the SideM franchise scheduled for July 18-19 at the Met Life Dome in Saitama is canceled.

Events in Japan Postponed

The official website for the Haikyu!!-ten (Haikyu!! Exhibition) events announced on May 25 that the upcoming event in Sendai is postponed due to the effects of COVID-19. The announcement noted that staff want to protect the health and safety of attendees and everyone involved with the event. The exhibition was originally scheduled for July 18 to August 24 at TFU Gallery Mini Mori in Sendai, Miyagi.

The Twitter account for the Laid-Back Camp anime franchise announced on May 21 that a special event for the franchise scheduled to be held on November 29 is postponed.

The "Animelo Summer Live 2020 -Colors-" concerts are delayed.

Places Reopening (or Not Reopening) in Japan

The organizers of Tokyo Tower announced on May 27 that the tower opened back up on May 28. However, visitors can now use outdoor stairs every day (weather permitting, these stairs were previously used for weekends and holidays only), and fewer people can use the elevator at one time. Other measures include temperature checks and social distancing markers for visitors.

Similarly, the Tokyo One Piece Tower will partially reopen on June 1.

Universal Studios Japan announced on May 26 that it is continuing to keep the park closed. Tokyo Disney Resorts similarly announced on May 25 that it is keeping Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea closed. The parks will announce a reopen date at a later date.

Events in the U.S. Canceled

The organizers of the AnimeFest convention announced on May 22 that this year's AnimeFest and GameFest are canceled. The staff said, "We looked at it several ways and could not find a plan that we felt kept our members, volunteers, vendors and guests safe; even with full respect given to the social distancing guidelines." AnimeFest 2020 was scheduled for August 14-17 at Sheraton Dallas Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

The Gen Con convention announced on May 19 that it has canceled its 2020 event as well as the Pop-Up events slated to accompany the convention. The event was slated to take place on July 30 through August 2 in Indianapolis.

Bandai Namco Entertainment announced on May 29 that it is canceling all "official support for all remaining physical tournament events in the 2020 season for the TEKKEN, SOULCALIBUR, and DRAGON BALL FighterZ World Tours." The company added it is "finalizing online competition event solutions for the remainder of the year."

Digital Events

The organizers of the Gamescom video game trade fair announced that the digital event will take place from August 27-30. The digital event will include the "gamescom now" content hub that will be open to everyone, the Devcom Digital Conference, and shows. The organizers canceled the physical event, which was originally planned for August 25-29 at Germany's Cologne Exhibition Centre, following Germany's nationwide ban on major events until August 31 due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19.

Anime Expo will host the Anime Expo Lite digital event on July 3-4.

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