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'Anime no Tane' Animator Training Program Unveils Stories, Visuals for 2022's Projects

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda

The Japanese government's Agency of Cultural Affairs unveiled the story inroductions and visuals for the four anime projects in its latest round of the "Anime no Tane" program on Friday.

Studio: IMAGICA Digitalscape
Title: "Tenjin"
A young girl named Miru and Ran, a boy who appeared before Miru, embark on an adventure in an alternate world — but something tragic awaits them there ...
Director: Noriyuki Fukuda
Producer: Tomoya Iwasawa
Training Target: In-between animators, key animators, 3DCG animators

Studio: Studio Elle
Title: "Rockin' Oyone"
Oyone, who moved into a group home for senior citizens, forms a band with the other elderly residents. She relives the memories of her youth through a concert on Christmas night.
Director: Akira Shigino
Producer: Suguru Shakagōri
Training Target: In-between animators, key animators, production advancement, producers

Studio: Production +h.
Title: "Space Camper Chicchi" ("Uchū Camper Chicchi")
Chicchi, an ordinary office lady who works in Commercial Sector II of the solar system, heads to a space camp for a vacation. However, she crash-lands on a planet that is a "graveyard" for scrapped ships.
Director: Masatsugu Arakawa
Producer: Fuminori Honda
Training Target: In-between animators, key animators, producers

Studio: Lesprit
Title: "Kirakira Kirari☆"
A mysterious girl suddenly appears before Kirari, a timid grade school girl who rather doing nothing but draw. The mysterious girl drags Kirari into the outside world, and they draw various things for the first time together.
Director: Tomohiro Tsukimisato
Producer: Kanako Shimizu
Training Target: In-between animators, key animators, producers

The studios IMAGICA Digitalscape, Studio Elle, Production +h., and Lesprit are each producing an animation project from seven to 10 minutes in length. The works aim to raise the skill level of existing animators, and educate aspiring animators.

The Agency of Cultural Affairs announced the project in 2020, and the 2020 project also featured four works.

The initiative is the latest iteration of the Agency of Cultural Affairs' "Young Animator Training Project," which aims to train young animators on-the-job. The agency launched that project in 2010 under the "Anime Mirai" name, with the aim of fostering the growth of domestic animation studios, and tackling the concern that more of the Japanese animation process is being outsourced overseas. The project was later renamed to Anime Tamago. The project has spawned such works as Little Witch Academia, Death Billiards (which inspired the Death Parade television anime), and Ongaku Shōjo.

Source: Anime! Anime!

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