Di Gi Charat Theater – Dejiko's Summer Vacation

Di Gi Charat Theater - Dejiko's Summer Vacation
Street date: November 18, 2003

What happens when an alien hybrid cat-eared girl with aspirations of becoming the next idol super star lands on earth?

Well first of all, she discovers that she needs money. And in order to pay for their high living expenses Di Gi Charat (aka. Dejiko) and her pal Puchiko have to work. Fortunately for them, an anime retail chain called Gamers has openings! As a new employee, Dejiko becomes quite popular with the customers. But what happens when Rabi~en~Rose, her self-proclaimed rival, seeks to steal the show? And what about Piyoko and the Black Gema Gema Gang, a group of neighboring aliens who seek to kidnap her? These things can only mean one thing for Dejiko: non-stop adventure!

Join Dejiko as she spends her summer break tricking Piyoko, blowing up the Black Gema Gema Gang, and switching bodies with Rabi~en~Rose!

Includes ten stories about Dejiko and the gang by some of Japan's most talented artists, including original character designer Koge-Donbo! Complete with character profiles, translation notes, and comments by the artists.

Di Gi Charat Theater - Piyoko is Number One!

The Black Gema Gema Gang are from Planet Analogue, and due to their poor resources they have been trying to conquer planet Di Gi Charat for years. Upon learning that that Princess Di Gi Charat (Dejiko) went to Earth, they quickly follow to kidnap her and hold her for ransom to support their home planet.

Piyoko is the head of the Black Gema Gema Gang, and Rik, Ky, and Coo work under her loyally and lovingly. However, Piyoko's plans always seem to backfire, and the goal of a prosperous planet is far away...

Piyoko is number one! ...At least in this second installment of Di Gi Charat Theater - Piyoko is Number One! Piyoko and the Black Gema Gema Gang take over. This is your chance to look into the (poor) lives of Piyoko, Rik, Ky, and Coo. But Dejiko won't give up the lead role that easily. She will be making appearances occasionally (so watch out)!

Features over ten stories by some of Japan's most talented manga artists, including Koge-Donbo (Di Gi Charat, Pita-Ten) and Kanan (Galaxy Angel)! Complete with character profiles, translation notes, and behind-the-scenes articles/interviews about the Di Gi Charat world!

About Broccoli Books

As the newly launched publishing arm of Broccoli International, Broccoli Books focuses on the some of the richest published material that Japan has to offer. With and eye towards authenticity and quality, Broccoli Books brings in the highly acclaimed translation/production team behind the US DVD release of GAINAX & Production I.G's OAV masterpiece "FLCL" and Studio Pierrot's "I'm Gonna Be An Angel!"


Also coming soon from Broccoli Books:

Galaxy Angel

Manga series by Kanan

A sci-fi comedy adventure centered around five very different warriors of the female persuasion.

In the future, five beautiful and powerful warriors operate Emblem Frame, the remains of Lost Technology. Prince Eonia was expelled from his homeland only to come back and kill off the royal family. The only hope remaining for Transbalt Kingdom is to protect Prince Shiva, who was raised by the Mother Queen of the White Moon.

Commander Takuto has been assigned to take the Angel Troupe under his command in order to escort Prince Shiva to safety. Milfeulle Sakuraba, Second Lieutenant, has the gift of luck. Of course, that doesn't always mean good luck. And when it's bad... it's bad. Ranpha Franboise, Second Lieutenant, loves all things spicy. Her reflexes and speed are legendary. Mint Blanchmanche, Second Lieutenant, junk food addict, loves to cosplay. She has the power to read minds. Forte Stollen, First Lieutenant, handles weapons and loves yakitori. Second Lieutenant Vanilla H is a religious-based vegetarian and heals using the nanomachines.

Fighting for the Empire, they travel through space along with 200 other brave souls through on a large ship, one of the remnants of Lost Technology, equipped with its own beach and even space whales!

Aquarian Age - Juvenile Orion

Manga series by Sakurako Gokurakuin

As the Aquarian Age rises, the violence escalates between the various female factions, the Mindbreakers and the alien Erasers.

However, a new change is on the horizon. Great power awakens in certain men and boys. Like the young girls of ages past, they learn to wield the magic found deep inside themselves.

And now female Mindbreakers emerges in the battle to decide the fate of the Earth.

Mana transfers to a high school in Tokyo, where she is reunited with her childhood friend, Kaname. But she is attacked by another classmate named Naoya Itsuki, who wants to test Mana's ability as a Mindbreaker. Kaname rushes to her aid, but when Mana reaches out to touch him, black wings rip out of Kaname's back. Naoya accepts Mana's powers, and begins to explain the history of Aquarian Age.

Di Gi Charat Theater: Leave it to Piyoko!

Manga series by Hina.

Has a manga ever focused on such an evil villain!? Don't let her cuteness fool you! Piyoko has grand evil plans to kidnap Dejiko. The people of her poor Planet Analogue are all counting on her. Of course, she can't be a very good bad guy without her hench men, the Black Gema Gema Gang - Rik, Kai and Coo. Sure her grand plans seem to keep falling apart. But don't worry. Piyoko plans to come out on top. Dejiko, you'd better watch out!.

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