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HOUSTON, April 6, 2004—ADV Films, the #1 producer-distributor of anime in the U.S., has set a May 18, 2004 release date for the first volume of Gravion: Divine Steel. Gravion is an exciting new anime series produced by Gonzo Digimation (Najica, Full Metal Panic!, Hellsing), Media Factory (RahXephon) and Lantis (Heat Guy J).

The Story:

When mankind faces an alien force with technology light years ahead of Earth's, it may take a man obsessed with the past to save them. The fate of the planet rests on whether the eccentric billionaire Sandman can build a machine as great as the myths of old. His creation is a god for the modern age, a deity forged of circuits and steel – it is Gravion!

Only a young band of orphaned misfits are born with the ability to pilot this top-secret weapon. All life on the planet depends on how well they can fight the Zeravire – if they can only stop fighting amongst themselves!

Gravion: Divine Steel (SRP $29.98 DVD) includes five episodes in English 5.1- and Japanese 2.0-language, with English subtitles. Extras include exclusive character static cling decals and these on-disc extras: design sketches; Japanese trailer; clean open and close animation; and ADV Previews.

Collector's Edition Available: A limited edition collector's edition of the series is available (SRP $39.98), which includes the first volume of Gravion, additional exclusive Gravion window clings and a custom art box.

About ADV Films:

In 1992, ADV Films began to forge the international market for Japanese animation (“anime”) by combining unique titles, outstanding production values and efficient large-scale distribution. Today, ADV Films is the #1 producer-distributor of Japanese animation to the North American market, with the firm's holdings including such premier titles as NOIR ,Samurai X, Hello Kitty's Paradise, RahXephon, Spriggan, Robotech, Full Metal Panic! and Neon Genesis Evangelion. In addition, ADV Films' product line has expanded to include other forms of genre programming, including live-action science fiction programs Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, Mutant X and The Jim Henson Company's Farscape, and classic science fiction such as the updated Gamera trilogy. ADV Films' parent company, A.D. Vision, Inc. also publishes Newtype USA, the premier anime and manga monthly in the English-speaking world, and operates Anime Network™, broadcasting anime and anime-related programming via digital cable, 24 hours a day. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, with additional offices in the EU and Japan, and distribution on four continents, ADV Films is fast becoming an international entertainment powerhouse. For more information, visit ADV Films on the web at

Running Time: 125 minutes Age Rating: 13+
Pre-Book Date: 4/27/04
Street Date: 5/25/04
Format: DVD
DVD SRP: $29.98
Collector's Edition SRP: $39.98

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