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Anime makes a unique gift idea and VIZ offers compelling selections for kids, teens, and young adults.

San Francisco, CA, September 22, 2004 – VIZ, LLC, one of the leading publishers and distributors of manga and anime for North American audiences, has announced several forthcoming anime titles to be released in the Fourth Quarter that will make unique gift ideas for the 2004 holiday season. The entire VIZ catalog provides plenty of choices, some captivating new selections include POKéMON, MEGAMAN: NT WARRIOR, BOYS OVER FLOWERS, FLAME OF RECCA and INUYASHA.

As increasing numbers of males and females of all ages embrace the anime and manga genres, DVDs and manga graphic novels are sure to top the holiday wish lists of many hopeful fans. VIZ is responding by offering a collection of new content as well proven and popular titles that are critically acclaimed and established hits among viewers. Some of these titles also come with special bonus premiums for the holidays.

For children, VIZ presents many titles that parents can select with confidence. Titles such as POKéMON and MEGAMAN: NT WARRIOR are always sure-fire hits for the kids.

Available on DVD ($14.98 MSRP) and VHS ($9.98 MSRP)
The latest episodes of one of the hottest and most enduring properties with kids today. Ash and Pikachu explore new lands and discover new Pokémon in these brand new releases.

POKéMON Box Set: Quest 1
Available on DVD ($39.98 MSRP)
Never before released on home video and the perfect comprehensive gift for Pokémon fans of all ages. This new 3 DVD box set includes the first half of the entire Pokémon - Master Quest season with 32 episodes of fun.

MEGAMAN: NT Warrior Vols. 1-3
Available on DVD ($14.98 MSRP) and VHS ($9.98 MSRP)
Young hero Lan and his robotic alter ego Megaman, try to thwart the evil World Three's never-ending quest to take over the world. Volume 3 contains a special free Megaman Battle Chip that can be used with Mattel's MegaMan NT Warrior PET (Personal Electronic Terminals) toy. Graphic novels also available from VIZ.

For girls and fans of shôjo anime and manga, VIZ continues to prove that anime is no longer just for boys.

Available on DVD ($24.98 MSRP)
Tales of high school angst – anime style. Follow the attempts of a young girl to fit in and make friends at an exclusive Tokyo prep school. Graphic novels also available from VIZ.

For action fans, VIZ provides some great anime gift ideas that will captivate teen and young adult audiences.

Available on DVD ($24.98 MSRP)
The story of Recca Hanabishi, an average teenager with the not so average goal to become a ninja. He also has a special power – the ability to produce and control fire. But power like that doesn't come neatly wrapped in a gift box. The hotheaded teenager must first prove he is mature enough to handle such an awesome responsibility. Graphic novels also available from VIZ.

INUYASHA Season 1 Box Set
Available on DVD (Standard Box Set $99.98 MSRP; Deluxe Box Set $119.98 MSRP)
The ultimate holiday gift for Inuyasha fans. The beautifully packaged set contains all 27 episodes from the first season of the hit Cartoon Network anime series about everyone's favorite half demon dog boy. The Deluxe version of the Box Set also includes an exclusive limited edition Inuyasha necklace imported from Japan. Graphic novels also available from VIZ

INUYASHA Volumes 23 and 24, “Severed Identities” and “Crimson Blade”
Available on DVD ($24.98 each MSRP)
Each features the latest episodes from the hit anime series currently on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

Give the gift of anime and manga news each month. Everyone loves subscriptions to their favorite magazine!

Animerica Magazine
One year subscription $29.95
The magazine with the longest legacy of any anime-centric publication in North America has been informing fans on the latest anime and manga trends each month since 1998. Every issue features insightful articles on specific shows, the latest industry buzz, and reviews of the newest manga and anime releases, as well as video games and toys.

Founded in 1986, VIZ is a multi-media entertainment company specializing in Japanese entertainment properties for U.S. audiences. VIZ offers an integrated product line including magazines, graphic novels, videos, DVDs and audio soundtracks. Each month, VIZ publishes three magazines – ANIMERICA, ANIMERICA EXTRA and SHONEN JUMP; over 20 graphic novel titles, including Alice 19th, BOYS OVER FLOWERS, DRAGON BALL Z, FUSHIGI YÛGI, GUNDAM, INUYASHA, RANMA 1/2, and YU-GI-OH!; and distributes home video for BOYS OVER FLOWERS, HAMTARO, INUYASHA, POKéMON, PROJECT ARMS, and ZOIDS.

Based in San Francisco, VIZ is one of the top five comics publishers in the U.S. and a subsidiary of Shogakukan and Shueisha, Inc., two of the top publishers in Japan. VIZ is the leading publisher of manga for English speaking audiences, serving a growing market of dedicated fans of all ages. Estimating a core audience of nearly 15 million fans, the company holds more than a 50% market share of Japanese comics in the U.S. With some of the most innovative products in the industry, VIZ has expanded its offerings to its loyal fans through web sites such as,, and its corporate site,

Contact VIZ, LLC at: 655 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94107-1612; Phone: (415) 546-7073; Fax: (415) 546-7086; Web site:

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