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Lone Wolf and Cub creators Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima tell the tale
of a master ninja in Path of the Assassin

Path of the Assassin (known as Hanzo no Mon in Japan) is the story of
Hattori Hanzo, the fabled master ninja whose duty it was to protect
Tokugawa Ieyasu—the shogun who would later unite Japan into one great
nation. As the secret caretaker of such an influential future leader,
Hanzo must use vast and varied ninja talents. Living in the shadows
near Ieyasu, Hanzo himself must learn to become a complete man as he
guides his master to the same destination.

Path of the Assassin is a worthy and entertaining addition to the Koike
and Kojima samurai manga library and will be presented un-retouched in
the original Japanese right- to -left format.

Path of the Assassin features story by Kazuo Koike with art by Goseki
Kojima. Volume 1 arrives on sale June 28 with a retail price of

Cover image: http://www.darkhorse.com/profile/profile.php?sku=13-524

ISBN: 1-59307-502-2

All-new Star Wars: Legacy series to launch with
special 25 cent issue!

Welcome to the beginning of a grand, new chapter in the Star Wars saga!
This special 25¢ comic sets the stage for the launch of the new Star
Wars: Legacy series, which begins in June.

More than a hundred years have passed since the events in Return of the
Jedi and the days of the New Jedi Order. There is a new evil gripping
the galaxy, shattering a resurgent Empire and seeking to destroy the
last of the Jedi. Even as their power is failing, the Jedi hold to one
final hope: the last remaining heir to the Skywalker legacy.

It's a brave new galaxy for Star Wars fans, at once familiar and
surprising—interplanetary intrigue and adventure on an epic scale;
iconic heroes and villains cast in new roles and caught in surprising
new situations. Everything you've loved about Star Wars, but nothing
you expect!

Star Wars: Legacy #0 features story by John Ostrander and Jan Duursema,
with art by Duursema and Sean Cooke. This special issue arrives May 17
with a retail price of only25¢!

Teen superhero Lindsay Goldman is back with all new adventures in
GoGirl!: Robots Gone Wild

The award-winning GoGirl! is back with two exciting new adventures in
one volume in this original graphic novel from creators Trina Robbins
and Anne Timmons.

Video games can get too realistic, as the flying teenager, GoGirl!
discovers in “Prisoners of the Machine,” when she and her friends find
themselves trapped inside a computer and menaced by giant anime-robots!
And in “Double Trouble,” GoGirl!'s arch-enemies create a robot that
looks just like her, except that it has the mind of a master criminal.
How can our heroine convince the cops that she didn't rob that bank,
when everyone saw her do it? Plus, GoGirl!'s sidekick, Haseena, tired
of always being rescued by the flying teen, takes up sleuthing herself
in “Haseena Ross, Girl Detective.”

GoGirl!: Robots Gone Wild features stories by Trina Robbins with art by
Anne Timmons. It arrives on sale June 28 with a retail price of $14.95.

Cover art: http://www.darkhorse.com/profile/profile.php?sku=10-927

ISBN: 1-59307-409-3

Goon creator Eric Powell draws special Conan one-shot!

A special one-shot story in honor of Conan creator Robert E. Howard's
centennial will feature art by the lovely and talented Eric Powell,
creator of The Goon. This issue tells the story of one wild and fateful
night in the life of a young storyteller in an Aquilonian farming
community—the night Conan, Janissa the Widowmaker, and Kalanthes,
priest of Ibis, came to town, pursued by all the demons of hell. Always
a dreamer, telling tales of great deeds in faraway lands, the
storyteller gets a look at all-out action, heroism, and sacrifice on
the dusty streets of his home town, and is forever changed by the

Conan #28 features story by Kurt Busiek, art by Eric Powell, colors by
Dave Stewart, and cover by Tony Harris. Issue #28 arrives May 17with a
retail price of $2.99.

Cover art: http://www.darkhorse.com/profile/profile.php?sku=10-940

Award-winning creators Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá bring their unique
talents to the short story collection De:Tales.

Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá are Brazilian twins who share an
award-winning talent for comics and an abiding love of the medium.
Following in the wake of brothers Gilbert & Jaime Hernandez and Tomer &
Asaf Hanuka, Moon & Bá bring their considerable skills to Dark Horse in
De:Tales, their first major American release!

This collection of short stories features the pair working together, in
tandem, or separately—trading off on the roles of writing and
illustrating, sharing those roles, or flying solo. Brimming with all
the details of human life, their charming tales move from the urban
reality of their home in São Paulo to the magical realism of their
Latin American background, living up to the twins' critical acclaim and
proving that they are a talented pair to watch out for.

Praise for the work of Moon and Bá:

“ …A perfect blend of fluid storytelling and contemporary style . . .
—Tom McLean, Variety

“Packed with luscious allegorical imagery . . . ”

De:Tales is written and illustrated by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba. It
arrives on sale June 28 with a retail price of $14.95.

Cover art: http://www.darkhorse.com/profile/profile.php?sku=13-414

ISBN: 1-59307-485-9

Steve Niles' Criminal Macabre returns to Dark Horse in
special one-shot!

He's ba-aaaack! Cal McDonald—the hair-triggered, smart ass, tough guy,
private dick- monster hunter comes back to Dark Horse this month, and
he's brought his strangest nemesis with him.

Horror maestro Steve Niles collaborated with fantastic artist Kyle Hotz
(Marvel's Manthing, Dark Horse's Billy the Kid ) to bring to vivid,
spooky life Cal's first-ever encounter with a real-deal golem. From the
folklore of Jewish mysticism, the earthy homunculus is given shape and
purpose by a grief-stricken father, out to exact vengeance on the man
who attacked his daughter. In a bizarre twist of fate, the golem is
loosed on the world with no master and only one known purpose—to kill!
Cal's gotta do whatever it takes to stop this marauding hunk of clay
from a pointless killing spree or . . . or, there's gonna be a
pointless killing spree!

Criminal Macabre: Feat of Clay features story by Steve Niles with art
by Kyle Hotz. This special one-shot arrives on sale May 31 with a
retail price of $2.99.

Cover art: http://www.darkhorse.com/profile/profile.php?sku=13-688

Star Wars Spanish-language graphic novels arrive in
North America!

Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume 1, Star War: Empire Volume 1, and Star
Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 1 are
the initial titles to be released.

Dark Horse Comics is pleased to announce for the first time ever Star
Wars Spanish-language graphic novels will be available in North

Coupling the enduring popularity and universal appeal of Star Wars with
the growing Hispanic population (over forty million strong in the
United States alone), Dark Horse is offering three initial titles in
Spanish, Clone Wars: Defense of Kamino;Clone Wars: Adventures; and
Empire: Betrayal .

Ever since the Clone Wars were mentioned in the very first Star Wars
film, fans have been dying to know more and The Defense of Kamino
brings the galaxy-wide conflict into full view. Obi-Wan Kenobi and
Anakin Skywalker are part of a Jedi fighter squadron sent to protect
the installation, but they learn that there are heroes fighting for the
Separatist cause as well as for the Republic, and that Jango Fett,
though dead, still has something to say!

In Clone Wars: Adventures, on the night-world of Nivek, Obi-Wan Kenobi
and Anakin Skywalker must first overcome the limitations of fighting in
the dark before they can take on the dreaded Shadowmen. Incredible
action, hot art, and lightning-fast pacing are coming your way in this
new take on the Star Wars galaxy!

Empire: Betrayal takes place in the weeks before the events in Star
Wars: A New Hope, as the Death Star is readied for its fateful first
mission, a power-hungry cabal of Grand Mofs and Imperial Officers
embark on a dangerous plan to kill Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader
and seize control of the Empire! But even the galaxy isn't enough of a
prize to sate the ambitions of some of the conspirators, and before
long the would-be assassins are turning on one another.

These special Star Wars Spanish-language editions arrive in stores June
14. Titles and prices are as follows: Clone Wars Volume 1: Defense of
Kamino $14.95 (ISBN- 1-59307-581-2), Clone Wars Adventures Volume 1
$6.95 (ISBN-1-59307-580-4), Empire Volume 1: Betrayal $12.95 (ISBN-

Darkhorse.com launches new making of comics feature
Archenemies broken down step by step!

Now on darkhorse.com is a very cool new feature showing step-by-step
the process of making a comic book! From scripts, to pencils, to inks,
to lettering… each and every step of the typical comic making process
is shown in an easy-to-use point and click format. Go to
www.darkhorse.com and take a behind the scenes look at Drew Melbourne's
hilarious tale of a superhero odd couple, you may never look at your
roommate the same way again!

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