Alteil America's First New Card Pack Release, Entitled "Angels -- The Second Coming", is Here on August 7th

Each after their own goals, the Four Gods of Old created the Angels. Now, Weissvogel, the Angel of Sun and Birth, Noirweiden, the Angel of Moon and Soul, Rougeerst, the Angel of Fire and Gaia, and Bulerigid, the Angel of Sea and Wind, are all going to fight alongside the Iczers. Like guardian angels watching over your Card Files, the Angels lend their unique powers to augment your cards and strategies.
All of the angel art is created by fan-favorite Japanese fantasy artist “KIRA.”
We're also introducing the EX Cards, alternate versions of some of your favorite Alteil characters with modified statistics and totally new abilities. The EX Packs are going on sale in the Alteil Shop on Thursday August 7th, combining the power of the Angels and the EX Cards. You can choose which Sphere you want cards from, so you have nothing to lose and powerful new abilities to gain. Check it out…

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