Rinkya Expands Japan Shopping for Virtual Valley Girls

Tempe, AZ and Tokyo, Japan- August 26,2008. Hanging out at the Mall is an American teenage tradition. “Okay,” says Rinkya founder and CEO, “I did it. It's sort of like shopping with training wheels. And shopping, as everyone knows, is what we are born to do.
“I started thinking about that when I expanded Rinkya, the largest Japanese shopping service, to add internet malls and stores, such as Rakuten and Amazon to the shopping choices available at Rinkya, as well as the Rinkya blog. I mean. Like, it's being in the mall, hanging out with your friends on the blog, window shopping with your mouse. Or maybe I'm just a Valley girl at heart, and wanted the whole wide world as my mall.”
Rinkya over the past year and a half has added the major Internet malls of Japan to the shopping choices available from the main page. Along with A Rinkya Blog, http://rinkya.blogspot.com/ , clicking to Rinkya is now providing a complete Japanese shopping experience, and a chance to hang out with the virtual Valley girls and boys on the blog.
“The choices available from the Internet malls and stores of Japan is truly mind-blowing,” continues Heather. “What we've noticed lately is the run on Japanese street fashion, internationally. Along with designer clothes, such as Bathing Ape, traditions such as harajuku, goth, gothloli, rockabilly, visual kei, hip hop, and punk are making their way from the streets of Tokyo to the streets of Rome, Los Angeles and New York through our warehouse.
“A lot of the virtual Valley girls and boys click through the fashions and other goods that are available in Japan, just like they were in a mall. Just the virtual window shopping is a kick, and Laurel, who writes A Rinkya Blog , nominated for the Best Pop Culture Blogger's Choice Award, gives you the latest trends and the funkiest fads. Like hanging out is extended to the whole world.
“Well, they say the deepest part of the ocean is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, so we're all really in a big valley. At Rinkya we're building a mall for that valley. A place to hang out, have some fun, and, most of all, to shop. After all, shopping is the noblest expression of the human spirit. Everyone shops, it brings the world together; all together in one big valley, hanging out in a virtual mall. Like, it's the place to be, fer sure.”
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