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Aniplex Announces the US Premiere of “The Garden of Sinners (Kara no Kyoukai) –Paradox Paradigm-” on May 22, at Anime Boston

SANTA MONICA, CA – Aniplex will be showing “The Garden of Sinners (Kara no Kyoukai)”, a smash hit in Japan, at Anime Boston, at the Hynes Convention Center & Sheraton Hotel May 22 – 24.

“The Garden of Sinners” is a series of hit cult novels written by KINOKO NASU (“Tsukihime –Lunar Legend-“, “Fate/stay night”) published in KODANSHA BOX series. The series has been adapted into an ongoing anime movie series which were divided into seven chapters.

At Anime Boston, the fifth movie entitled “Paradox Paradigm” (113 min.) will be premiered with English subtitles for the US audience. This breathtaking animation is directed by TAKAYUKI HIRAO (“Texhnolyze,” “Coyote Ragtime Show”) and created by the animation studio ufotable (“Coyote Ragtime Show,” “Tales of Symphonia,” “Futakoi Alternative”) popular for their high quality and unique style of animation. The movie soundtrack is composed by YUKI KAJIURA (“.hack,” “MADLAX,” “NOIR”) and performed by KALAFINA who will also perform at Anime Boston.

Please visit:
<The Garden of Sinner> www.karanokyoukai.com
<Aniplex> www.aniplex.co.jp
<kalafina> www.kalafina.jp
<Anime Boston> www.animeboston.com

After two years in a coma caused by a traffic accident, Shiki Ryougi wakes up with amnesia. She finds, in turn, that she had also obtained “Mystic Eyes of Death Perception” with which she can see the lines of mortality that hold every living and non-living thing together. This is a modern occult-action fantasy where Shiki boldly tackles supernatural incidents with her supernatural ability.

In “Paradox Paradigm”, Shiki meets Tomoe Enjou, a boy who believes he has murdered his parents and repeatedly suffers from nightmares. As Shiki visits a mansion where the Enjous reside, she finds herself trapped within spirals of paradox. And this is only the beginning of a vicious plot by Souken Araya, the powerful sorcerer and archrival of Shiki's mentor, Tohko Aozaki.

About ANIPLEX Inc.
ANIPLEX Inc. (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan) is a leading provider of anime content and music production and distribution in Japan. Established as Sony Pictures Entertainment Visual Works Inc. in 1995, as a joint-venture between Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan) Inc. and Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., it became ANIPLEX, Inc. in 2003 after the company became a subsidiary completely owned by Sony Music Entertainment Japan. ANIPLEX Inc. has introduced a variety of properties including such hits as “Gurren Lagann,” “Fullmetal Alchemist,” “Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X),” “R.O.D –THE TV-,” “Blood+,” all of which are licensed and distributed worldwide. The company launched ANIPLEX of AMERICA in Los Angeles, CA in 2004 to handle licensing and co-production business in North and Latin America. In 2005, the company established A-1 Pictures, currently the largest and most technically advanced animation studio in Japan.

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