Final Guests Announced for Shuto Con 2012 in Lansing

Lansing, Mich., Jan. 19 - On March 16-18, 2012, Lansing will enter the cyber era.

Voice actor Richard Epcar, is confirmed as the final guest for Shuto Con, returning for its second year to the Lansing Center and Raddison.

Epcar is most famously known for his role as Batou in the cyberpunk, cult classic series of Ghost in the Shell films.
The GitS franchise has inspired directors like the Wachowski brothers and Steven Speilberg, who is preparing a live-action version of these futuristic anime films.

Joining Epcar will be Shuto Con guest of honor, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, who co-starred with Epcar almost since the films debuted in America, as an import from Japan.

McGlynn is also known for her music directing and vocals in the Silent Hill series of video games and the wildly popular anime series Naruto.

"Naruto is something of a convention staple today," said Will Burgess, Guest Coordinator at Shuto Con. "Rarely is there a convention without costumed attendees wearing outfits from the series, so we're excited to have guests like Mary Elizabeth who has worked on the anime."

In addition to a bevy of voice actors, Shuto Con will also play host to several concerts from bands playing everything to video game remixes, original metal tributes, and cover songs from J-pop bands.

"The Pillow Cases are a cover group to The Pillows, who play a heavy rock and pop sound that is so unique," said Burgess. "This is the next best thing to flying the band in from Japan. We expect a great show from The Pillow Cases."

The Pillows gained fame after collaborating on a soundtrack to the hit anime, FLCL, proving to be a great match for the band, as the anime is as wild and unpredictable as their music. After their popularity boom in America, they released the single "Ladybird Girl" which is used as the opening theme song for the Cartoon Network series, Ben 10.

The Pillow Cases will play some sets featuring fan-favorite music from FLCL as well.

More information about guests, events and concerts can be found at the Shuto Con website: .

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