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Will You Be Brave Enough To Join An Unique Experience?!

Buena Park, California – December 5, 2012 - A war with the demons has been raging onward its coming release of Ragnarok's latest expansion, “Ragnarok: A Prayer to the Heavens” update. It has been discovered in Rune Midgard it becoming more and more necessary to transcend these limitations! Starting on November 29, 2012, high level players can begin delving into the secrets of how mankind can survive the Ragnarok; is it by hard work and guts alone, or is a heavenly assistance the only way to transcend human limitations? You can read more about this update, and what it changes at, http://www.playragnarok.com/news/eventdetail.aspx?id=232&p=1.

For players who enjoyed the original game mechanics and story flavor of Ragnarok Online, Gravity has launched its Classic Server in June. As the months passed, the server had more regions and features added, this newest “Prayer to the Heavens” update brings the Transcendent classes to the game. Transcendent classes are evolved, more powerful classes for the current 13 2nd classes. The Transcendent classes step up the power level of the game for Player vs Player and the high level game content that is soon to come on the Classic Server.

Mankind has always sought to escape the limits of mortal strength and become something more. The Ragnarok is upon us once again, and transcending those limits is the only hope for humanity to survive. A brilliant scientist in the Schwartzvald Republic believes that he possesses the answer, and need players help to construct the device that will make that possible. Adventurers level 98 and above can participate in a multi-part quest to discover the secret for themselves.

“'The Prayer to the Heavens' quest is our unique way to bring the Transcendent classes to the Classic server. Transcending is a huge upgrade to our users and the world's challenges we can present to them. We wanted to make the transcending a fresh and fun experience for them!” says Jason Heimdallr Koerperich, Ragnarok Online Producer at Gravity Interactive. “There will be twists and turns in this update, but it will be a great time for in-game parties and soloists alike!”

An unassuming Sign post on the Airships top deck ask for powerful heroes to apply for a dangerous quest, level 98 and higher heroes will suffice. You will seek out Scientist Toyotino in the Juno Hall of Learning, and discover for yourself if you have what it takes to transcend your limitations and save the world for the Ragnarok.

This World Event is something new to show how game changing Transcendent classes are for players and the story. This update comes in time for the Holidays as a nice gift to the Ragnarok Fans that have enjoyed iRO during its 10 year history since Closed Beta. Follow up on news at the Ragnarok Online Official Facebook and Join the game for Free!

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Combine hundreds of options to optimize your equipment and appearance, along with fully customizable stats and skills to make your adventurer truly unique! With dozens of classes, you can find the one that fits your play style, band together in parties to fight powerful MVP bosses for unique gear or hunt monsters for cards to get unique and customizable effects for your equipment.

Sell these newly acquired items or player-created ones, including potions and weapons, to your fellow adventurers in a fully player-driven economy. Take pets out for a walk through the hundreds of areas from lush forests to creepy ruins or even through the bottom of the ocean! Quest to hunt the deadliest of creatures, to learn about the lore and history of Midgard, or find a way to journey to new locations that become available with Ragnarok's regular update schedule.

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