MangaGamer Announces Ten New Titles at Anime Expo

July 4th, 2013--We at MangaGamer are proud to announce our acquisition of ten new titles for visual novel fans!

Our first two announcements come from a brand-new publishing partner, Hentai Industries. We'll be bringing you Ruby Striker and Warrior Princess Asuka, two games from Morningstar Rush, a series of short, low-price games in various genres and fetishes.

But that's not our only new partner! We have three new titles from Lilith-soft! The first title we'll be working on is Armored Warrior Iris. Iris and her partner Mary are officers in the SSF, spending their days raiding crime dens trying to end the slave trade on the Planet Left. But one day, the criminal cities of the planet unite and initiate an armed revolt against the SSF. When Iris and Mary's units are damaged and fall in battle, they wake up to find themselves being sold into slavery by the scavengers. And now that they're enslaved into prostitution, it's time to give the customers what they want...

Next up from Black Lilith, we have Valkyrie Svia. When the traitorous Loki joins forces with the Jotun and other denizens of Utgard to invade his former home, Asgard, they succeed in capturing Odin. However, Odin refuses to concede, and seals the springs feeding into Yggdrasil, holding the nine realms hostage for his safety. But once Loki learns that the key to release the seal lies within the wombs of Sigurd and Svia, two of the last resisting Valkyries, he sets out to penetrate their fortress, break their will, and give birth to key that will cement his rule.

And our third title from Lilith will be Space Pirate Sara. Sara, leader of the Scorpion Brigade, a band of mercenary pirates, cuts a deal with the ambitious Duke Blankenheim for information he has about her long-sought treasure and then sets out to capture the knight Cilia von Bernshtein, the hero of the Welsh Alliance. When Sara turns her prize over to the Duke's twisted pleasures, his information sends her off to Baron Gielen, a noble who rules over a resort planet on the outskirts of the Empire. However, the reward awaiting Sara and her crew isn't a vacation--it's a one-way ticket to betrayal and the underground slave market...

Next, we're proud to announce our acquisition of the rights for WORLD END ECONOMiCA, a visual novel created by doujin circle Spicy Tails and penned by Isuna Hasekura, the author of Spice and Wolf! The game also features an opening song by Kishida Kyoudan and the Akeboshi Rockets, who made their professional debut with the opening for the anime series, High School of the Dead. World End Economica takes place in a far off future on the moon. The rising prosperity of the Lunar cities draws people from all over seeking a better life. Yoshiharu 'Hal' seeks a piece of that glory and it's through the stock market that he will make his dreams a reality. It's a tale of boundless youth wrapped around the high stakes world of investing.

The original English translation has been provided by our very own YukkuriS (translator of Imouto Paradise), with the help of zalas, Agilis and others of Software Bridgeworks. You can buy your copy of this great game from our website now!

We also have a bunch of new announcements from Innocent Grey! First of all, we're proud to announce our license of both Cartagra and Kara no Shoujo 2! We'll be bringing you both the prequel and the sequel to the great story of Kara no Shoujo!

We're also bringing you two new games from Innocent Grey's sister brand, Noesis: Free Friends and Free Friends 2! "Free Friends"--an internet message board for girls who have ran away from home to offer their bodies for the money or lodging they need to live. When two people meet through this service, how will their lives and relationships change?

Lastly, we're proud to announce the long awaited voiced edition for Kara no Shoujo! Now you can enjoy one of Innocent Grey's greatest games with the full voice cast! Those of you who already own Kara no Shoujo can simply purchase the $5 voice patch! Please note that part of these small sales will return to Innocent Grey for helping us out in making this happen, and bringing us these great titles how they were meant to be.

Last but not least, the voices will also be built into our brand new Kara no Shoujo Limited Edition Hard Copies!

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