Anime Stars Grace Animax Asia's 'Anime Daisuki' Campaign

Singapore, 24 July 2013 – Anime has the power to inspire and even change lives. For ‘ani-song’ artistes (performers of iconic songs featured in anime shows) like May'n, Sayaka Sasaki, Faylan and rock duo Granrodeo, along with ‘seiyuu’ (anime voice actors) Ayaka Ohashi and Daisuke Kishio, anime has turned them into shining stars.

Animax, Asia's first channel specializing in anime and home to some of the most popular anime programs in the world, is collaborating with these celebrities of the anime world and Japanese pop-culture to roll out its new brand campaign ‘Anime Daisuki’.

Translating to ‘I Love Anime’, ‘Anime Daisuki’ begins with the premiere of a series of vignettes on air and online to bring these stars closer to the 40 million viewers in 46 million homes across 17 territories in Asia where Animax is available. Shot on-location in Tokyo, Japan, the six promos spotlight the artistes sharing their thoughts on how anime has been their inspiration.

Having made her name as the singing voice of character Sheryl Nome of hit anime series Macross Frontier, May'n has released various hits that have taken top spot of Japan's ‘Oricon’ music chart, and performed concert tours in many parts of the world. Having sang ‘Chase the World’, the opening theme song of anime series Accel World, premiering on 12 August 2013 airing Mondays – Fridays at 11pm first and exclusively on Animax, May'n shares in her ‘Anime Daisuki’ vignette what she would like to do if time stops like in the anime series, and the life lesson she learnt from watching the show.

In her vignette, Sayaka Sasaki tells of drawing inspiration from the determination and perseverance of the character Gon from action anime series Hunter X Hunter, the show is set to re-run by popular demand in September 2013 on Animax. Winner of the third ‘Animax Ani-son Grand Prix’, Animax Japan's ‘anisong’ competition at the national level in Japan, the songstress' ‘Seisai no Ripieno’ is the opening theme song for anime series The Book of Bantorra which re-runs from 8 August 2013 on weeknights at 9.30pm on Animax in Hong Kong.

Both Granrodeo and Faylan have performed at Animax Musix, the annual ‘ani-song’ concert in Yokohama organized by Animax Japan and broadcasted on Animax Asia. Granrodeo, formed by anime voice actor Kisho Taniyama ("Kishow") and guitarist Masaaki Iizuka ("E-Zuka") specializes in creating anime soundtracks. With five albums released, including ‘Detarame na Zanzō’ the ending theme song of Blassreiter which also aired on Animax, the duo shares that they are empowered by anime fans' passion and enthusiasm for their performances on stage.

Faylan began her career as a ‘dojin’ (independent, self-publishing) singer at Japan's bi-annual manga and anime event, Comiket, before being signed by record label Lantis. She has contributed songs to anime series such as Canaan and Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. Faylan talks about how anime heroines are her inspiration to sing.

Giving life to the anime characters are voice actors Ayaka Ohashi and Daisuke Kishio. Having made her debut as recently as 2012, Ayaka Ohashi has already landed the lead roles of Fleur Blanc in Eureka Seven AO which was broadcasted on Animax, as well as Lance in Dokidoki! Precure. She tells of discovering her life's calling to be a voice actor through anime.

Veteran seiyuu Daisuke Kishio has been nominated for various industry awards for his iconic voice, most notably as Loke in one of Animax's most popular anime series Fairy Tail, and as Itaku of Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, currently airing Mondays – Fridays at 11.30pm on the channel. He finds that being a part of the lives of many anime characters to be an interesting life journey.

From this unique collaboration with the anime stars, the ‘Anime Daisuki’ campaign will then be extended to invite Animax viewers from across Asia to also share stories of how their own love for anime has inspired them or even changed their lives.

Submissions can be emailed to [email protected] starting from 29 July 2013. 100 of the most inspiring stories will stand to receive Animax goodies worth US$50. Visit for more information on the contest and campaign.

Catch the ‘Anime Daisuki’ campaign vignettes on Animax Asia and via the following links:

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Launched on 1 January 2004, Animax is Asia's first channel brand specializing in Japanese animation – anime. Animax offers a wide variety of anime programs from across the most popular genres including action, romance, horror, supernatural, comedy and slice-of-life.

Animax is home to some of the biggest anime titles in the world that enjoy great following across the region. In addition, the channel created TV history in April 2009 by becoming the world's first regional broadcaster to air an anime series at the same time as Japan and followed that with five other simulcast anime series. Currently reaching 40 million viewers in 46 million homes across17 markets in Asia, Animax aims to offer anime programming for everyone.

Beyond television screens, Animax also actively engages its audiences at local events, including its signature Animax Carnival that has rolled out in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan. See for more.

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