Namco Bandai Games' Shiftylook Makes Namco High Premium and Merchandise Available Through WeLoveFine

Holiday season's most anticipated dating sim to offer premium datelines, apparel and more; exclusive pre-order items available now including limited edition class ring

TOKYO, JAPAN – November 15, 2013 – NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., a subsidiary of NAMCO BANDAI Holdings Inc. (TYO: 7832), announced today a partnership with WeLoveFine to release premium digital content and physical merchandise for its upcoming browser-based dating sim NAMCO™ HIGH through Developed by What Pumpkin Studios and Date Nighto LLC under the creative direction of Homestuck creator Andrew Hussie, NAMCO™ HIGH assembles characters from across the NAMCO BANDAI Games universe and brings them together at a high school just for video game characters. For the latest information, visit

“Since WeLoveFine has a strong community of video game fans, anime lovers and pop culture maniacs, it's the perfect place to offer premium Namco High content and merchandise,” said Rob Pereyda, NAMCO BANDAI Games' ShiftyLook Producer and Editor-in-Chief. “We hope WeLoveFine users will enjoy the intense, wrenching experience that is Namco High, and the intense, wrenching experience that is Namco High merchandise, especially the limited edition class ring.”

“Namco High is exactly the kind of heart-pounding, massive content that WeLoveFine looks for,” said Guy Brand, Owner of WeLoveFine. “There is nobody more in tune with this audience on the creative side right now than the folks at ShiftyLook, What Pumpkin Studios and the creative genius Andrew Hussie himself.”

“We love the WeLoveFine audience and know there is a huge crossover with Andrew, both in terms of fanbase and creative tastes,” said George Rohac, Director of Business Development at What Pumpkin Studios. “Fans of WeLoveFine, ShiftyLook, What Pumpkin Studios and Andrew will find in Namco High a gaming experience that meshes their shared tastes, further linking fanbases and making this partnering feel nothing short of natural.”

NAMCO™ HIGH Key Information:

Overview: As a cousin to the Prince from the Katamari series you will meet total strangers with nothing in common, but before it is all over you'll break rules, bare your soul, and touch each other in ways you never dreamed.

Platform: Modern HTML5-capable web browsers on using BANDAI NAMCO ID (also free to register)

Cost: Free (there are premium datelines in addition to the free ones)

Free Datelines: Galaga (from Galaga), Lolo (from Klonoa), Valkyrie (from Legend of the Valkyrie), Anti-Bravoman (from Bravoman), Meowkie (from Mappy), Albatross (from Rolling Thunder)

Premium Datelines: Donko (from Taiko Drum Master), eight to-be-announced additional characters from the NAMCO BANDAI Games universe, Terezi Pyrope (from Homestuck), and two additional to-be-announced characters from Homestuck

PAKs Available Now For Pre-Order:

Description: All the dateable NAMCO BANDAI Games characters, all three of the Homestuck characters, plus digital soundtrack, wallpapers, and avatar set
Price: $14.95

Description: DELUXE PAK plus an exclusive pre-order Cousin T-shirt, sticker and pin
Disclaimer: Pre-order only
Price: $49.95

Description: SWAG PAK plus an exclusive messenger bag
Disclaimer: Pre-order only
Price: $99.95

Description: MESSENGER PAK plus an exclusive diploma and class ring
Disclaimer: Pre-order only
Price: $249.95

Description: CLASSMATE PAK plus an exclusive letterman jacket
Disclaimer: Pre-order only
Price: $499.95

Individual datelines will be available for purchase after launch date, except for Homestuck characters, which may only be purchased in a premium PAK.

Once users have purchased a PAK on WeLoveFine, they will get a unique code they can redeem to unlock NAMCO™ HIGH premium content upon its release. Additional merchandise will also be available at

NAMCO™ HIGH releases onto Holiday 2013.

For additional updates and exclusive information, follow ShiftyLook on Twitter (@ShiftyLook), Facebook ( and YouTube (

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